2021 FF Original Discussion Thread

Can someone transfer $20 to Dunlop for me? And I PayPal them?

Payment made.

I can do that if you need it.

Which draft order is correct, the one on UF or this one: 2021 FF Draft Order ?

The UF one cannot be right.
Not all teams have joined yet.

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While I am on it, I would not mind knowing what my actual squad is, because I have (hopefully temporarily) lost my own spreadsheet with my list, historical draft picks for the entire league since I joined and my forward planning.

UF has me with nobody on my list because the draft has not been completed. I have no idea about how to do my keepers on there either, (I have not really looked hard just yet) but it may not be needed for a few more days.

EDIT: This is looking like what I imagine my list was: Current Squads

Go to draft and nominate keepers.
That should be accurate.

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I’ll join asap

Following the AFL adding another later Monday game…

Keepers are now due: Monday March 8 @ 9pm AEDT

Everyone will need to be across things and get their keepers in on time, as we won’t have Labour Day this year which usually accounts for 25-30 picks.

Draft remains set for: Tuesday March 9 @ 9am AEDT

Whilst the time won’t change, whether the draft goes live on UF at that time (or picks still have to be taken on Blitz), depends on whether I’m still having to chase up people for keepers.

Still looking for @topdon to sign up to the league.

If you require a new invite, please let me know.

I have received entry fees from 15 of the 17 teams. The 2 teams yet to pay are:


Now that the position polls are completed, I’ll start updating the player positions on UF.

Craze did very well to overturn my pure C nominations for C.Guthrie and Menegola. They received the most midfield time of any Cats last season and Guthrie hasn’t played back since 2018. I’m really curious though who the group thought was playing midfield for Geelong, given none of the top 3 were Cs.

Geelong’s Top 10 Most Frequently Started Mids at Bounces in 2020 (Wings and Inside)

  • 13 of 17 games analysed (274 Bounces overall):

Menegola 214
C.Guthrie 191
Dangerfield 167
Parfitt 135
Blicavs 125
Duncan 110
Selwood 109
Tuohy 75
Steven 65
Fogarty 32

Whilst the result was predictable and Nick Hind would’ve picked up back status at mid-season, only Essendon supporters could’ve voted him in as a back based on 2020. St Kilda fans would’ve voted him a forward; Hind has never played a single game as a back at AFL level. Before Thursday his last official game as a back, at any level, was early May 2019 for Sandringham.

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I haven’t caught up on the AFL rules…
But are the games full games or shortened to 15min quarters.

We’re back to full games this season.


Sorry for the delay.

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Confirming my transfer went though. Sent on Friday night (my time).

Will sign-up to league now.

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All teams have now paid and signed-up to UF. Awesome.


Nice seeing Baker and Caddy performing.

Are the keepers just to be put into UF?

Yes please.

All player positions on UF should be accurate within 90mins.

A reminder to the 7 teams that traded players in to allow a spot or 2 for them - they have already been allocated to you (head to the player market section and switch status to “owned players” to verify this) - but they won’t be able to be nominated as keepers.

Keepers are due Monday @ 10pm AEDT - this is a hour later than previously indicated as I’d forgotten to allow for QLD not having daylight saving.

SSP Players and Positions:

Kaine Baldwin - F
Lachlan Bramble - FC
Paul Hunter - FR
Rhyan Mansell - B
Anthony Scott - FC
Alec Waterman - F
Mason Wood - F

All bar yesterday’s recruits are in UF.


Ive prepared the FA thread for the first week (it’ll be round 2).
It looks like there are Thursday night games for every round so there should at least be one game of team selections available.
It’ll be an 11pm deadline. Most of the time, I’ll process them around midnight.
Most people lists were pretty clear last year so if you do the same and send it to @FF_Original_FAs you should be okay.
Unless there is confusion over names like Freo’s Minaro, I predominantly go by the name as spelled on UF. So please check the players name and availability.
Make sure you process the FA (preferably before the end of the round).


Tom Phillips with a handy 141 on debut for the Hawks…

I’m away from Tuesday till Friday but shouldn’t hold up the draft. I’ll make sure to set as many C’s as possible. If I’m MIA then fogdog has my number if I need a nudge