2021 Forum Footy Charity Match - Phoebe destroyed scotty21

We will meet at Olympic Park Oval (Collingwoods Training Ground, Next door to AAMI Park) at 10am for a 10.30 start.

Hi All,

Officially official now so an ammended OP for the thread.

Last year’s charity match went down an absolute treat, with everyone keen to make it a regular thing - so here we is!

Should we be able to go ahead with a game this year (ie assuming there are no more restrictions) we will be raising money for Mens Line Australia.

As we know, COVID has hit a lot of people hard over the last 12 months and companies that deliver mental health services are criminally underfunded - these guys do incredible work, so let’s get around them.

:small_blue_diamond: Standard of footy: Low, bottom shelf, mega gimp. Think EJ Whitten Legends vibes but without people who used to be good.

(Honestly, just come along. It truly doesn’t matter how unfit/unco/hungover you are, no one cares - it’s heaps of fun.)

:small_blue_diamond: Venue: TBC, although Olympic Park is looking the most likely

:small_blue_diamond: Time: Team selection at 10am, so get there beforehand if you wanna warm up a bit and dust off the cobwebs. Kick off is at 10:30am.

:small_blue_diamond: Captains: @nackers and @THE_DON1

:small_blue_diamond: Clothing: Keep it to white t-shirts/singlets. We’ll hand out bibs to split up the teams. Ditch the footy boots and stick to runners.

:small_blue_diamond: Fees: No set amount, just donate whatever you can to MLA here: Donate to our helplines, counselling & mental health services | On the Line

Otherwise, just bring along some cash on the day!

Ring-ins more than welcome. All ages, genders, hair colours, etc are invited. Many pub beers to be had afterwards.


@scotty21 + Guests
@nickers + Guests
@Eastie_Boi1 + Guests
@THE_DON1 + Guests

Matchday Volunteers.


@nickers if you could suss out your crew that would great.

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The current settings allow it (contact allowed, up to 100 people outdoors).

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Well that’s a positive sign!

Might use 50% of my power this time to even the odds :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in.
Intra or inter?

TBD on that

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So we’ll bring those goals from the boundary from 50 mtrs to 20?

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scotty getting COVID plans and guidelines sorted for sport is part of my job. fk that advice line off and I’ll sort you out.


Legend, Thank you.

Love your work, as per usual mate!

I’ll definitely be able to round up a few gents again - everyone loved it last time and was very keen to go again.

No idea how many at this stage but my guess is I can get around 15-20 locked in again.

I actually loved the full game with shorter numbers (I think we ended up with 16 a side last time?) so very much happy to roll with that again. :+1:t2:


I could easily organise 6-10 people to come this time round if needed.

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Why don’t you come up to the sunshine state for a QLD interstate 9’s game? Better @ Metricon as there is a footy field next to the stadium, whereas Gabba doesn’t have any AFL grounds close by.


You know what would make this complete.

If a couple of EFC players attended the game and then came on Blitz to critique the game and the players with the same style of eloquent insights and comments that they receive.


That would make for some outrageously funny reading I should think. Should hit up @Koala, she always seemed to be able to get in the ears of a player or two, especially for her interviews. Or maybe try @Mr_Sunbury_1 or one of the other posters with contacts at the club to see if they could put out feelers for it. Reckon it would be pi$$ funny.


I want 2MP’s thoughts on my game.


That would be sick!
Which player would be most like Nino?

I have the least to lose here, what could they possibly say that I don’t already know?
So I am hugely in favour of this.


So @simmo41 what sort of COVID related $hite are we looking at here?

Is Nino a big bodied mid?
Or big mid bodied?

Or an aspirational jockey sized forward pocket?