2021 round 1 vs Hawks - level-headed review

Spoon awaits us.
Pathetic club with pea hearted leaders who go to water when the heat is on.


There midfield tore us apart in the third. Hard to watch. Young side though and some good signs. My expectations are very low this year.

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I was expecting to win this game. I was okay with losing it.

Somehow this club finds a way to make it so much worse



Truck missed a trick not putting hooker back when the backline was screaming out for a leader.


I know when it’s footy season when my anxiety goes through the roof. FMD.

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Positives: Jones.

Negatives: blown leads and Laverde’s “effort” at that last marking contest.

Also, hooker is cooked.

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It has taken me three years to develop an evolutionary defense mechanism to these classic Essington antics.

I no longer feel anything


Cancelled my membership a few years ago, I’ll never sink another dime into this loser club


commiserations to the membership department call takers who are going to have an absolute dog of a day on monday


Apparently it’s Francis’ fault that he’s 2/3 on 1 in the backline


Harrison jones makes JoeD look like a sharp shooter cos us the game, learn to kick straight of ■■■■ off.

a small step forward, then two giant leaps backward. This club

He needs to start by taking a look in the mirror.

Parish buried in the forward pocket while our mids got rolled for the entire second hald, not getting numbers back after Smith’s goal, this fkg ideological refusal to use a run-with player…

We got a bunch of problems, but he’s got to be honest enough to admit he was one.


Notice it was the guys with some actual grit about them that stood up to try and get us that, Draper, Hooker and Smith.

All these other school prefects melted like the margarine softcocks they are.

I’m so angry.

We deserve way better than this.


Yep, I totally agree

i cashed out 40 points up sent my girlfriend a message after she noticed how far we are up at half time… knowing our team we can still lose this lol

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He was cooked all ■■■■■■■ last season too

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Comedy central for the next 20min

We saw in the first half how well a Truck system will do in the future but inexperience let us down at the day.

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