2021 trade spec (Part 4)

I never understood why when a player nominates a club to move to, it’s on both clubs (especially the destination club) to make the deal happen?

Who says it has to happen?

  • Do the player managers get angry and clubs don’t want player managers on the wrong side?

  • Media and public perception?

  • AFL public? Because I don’t really give damn if a player gets burnt?

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I reckon this is a huge part of it. You ■■■■ off the managers and you might not get their clients in future.

I repeat: McCartney stubbornly stuck to a third round pick for our leading goalkicker (Crameri) whilst simultaneously offering a 4 year deal. First meeting , said here’s pick 38 and walked out. Dragged it out to the death. Adrian often isn’t the problem .

I couldn’t give a rats tossbag (thanks Blighty) what McCartney thinks of Essendon. Deadset hypocritical flog.


I reckon Scorch is making this all up.

That being said, people can have info from sources:
That is correct at the time of posting
That they believe is coming from a reliable source

And still have deals fall through

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It’s almost like clubs need a contract between them and player managers. E.g. clause “this is what we think your player is worth (high future round 3) and if the deal doesn’t happen we are not responsible.”

Normally I’d say it isn’t a good look for us after Dunkley last year, but this time, Hill wants to come to us.

He is the one that contacted us with one year left on his contract. His manager knows that we can only do so much. If a deal doesn’t get done, then it won’t be on us.

Haha yeah. They could call it ‘The McCartney Clause’

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Surely we’d have led Hill to believe that we wanted him & thought we could make it happen before he publicly nominated us.


And player managers are probably well aware of the relationship between certain clubs and how hard it’s going to be. So Hill’s manager has to manage his players expectations.

What I think will ultimately play in our favour is the fact that so far the club hasn’t come out and made any statements of commitment about getting Hill over the line. Let the media ratbags talk and only speak when there is something to say.


Montagna needs to take a breath, man he talks fast.

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Bit of a red flag in regards to GWS worried about the shape Hill returned to the club with


this has been the best trade period ever. Nothing big happening anywhere, nothing for the wind bags in the media to get overly excited about. Easy to tune out.

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So if we are only willing to offer a 3rd but we were the only club willing to pay the price or whatever, what are the other clubs offering? This line of reasoning doesn’t totally make sense.

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Talented? Yes

Good? Not yet

However i’m fairly bullish that his incumbent line coach (Tapping) will be able to give him the blueprint to becoming a good/impactful player after working with and observing Charlie Cameron the past four years.


There aren’t too many clubs with salary cap space. Everyone knocks on Essendons door atm.

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McCartney won’t trade him so it’s all futile.

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