2022 AFL Grand Final Geelong vs Sydney

I’d go with that. I’m fairly confident Geelong will win. As for the NS, Cameron had a stinker last night, but he’s a great player and he could well step up on Saturday

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Geelong by 27
Dangerfield with the charity NS
Duncan or Guthrie the deserving winner who will get robbed

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Hot contest for first qtr and a half then Cats will just bulldoze Swans younger list. Will win comfortably, probably about 30 to 40 points.

Norm smith: Dangerfield, he’s been playing a bit possum this year making it look like he’s lost that extra gear and people forgot his peak is insanely good, he brought the gear back in for the finals.


cats 45 stengle

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Some of dangers attacks on the footy have been amazing in their finals games. Starts 4th or 5th closest to the ball, gets there first with pure will and gets it out. Simply amazing.



  • 2013 Preliminary Final loss
  • 2014 Grand Final loss
  • 2016 Grand Final loss


  • 2013 Preliminary Final loss
  • 2016 Preliminary Final loss
  • 2017 Preliminary Final loss
  • 2019 Preliminary Final loss
  • 2020 Grand Final loss
  • 2021 Preliminary Final loss

Going to be ugly reading for one club come next Saturday night, particularly Geelong if they can’t get the job done.

Sydney though? 3 Grand Final losses in last 3 attempts.

who’s going to take Reid’s pla…
oh fark it I can’t even fake caring.


Cats by 42

Tom Stewart NS

Cats by 30
NS Duncan

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LOL at anyone choosing the Grand-ish Final over Vikos Gorge.

Winner: buddy
Norm smith: buddy

I think it will be closer than people think, Sydney aren’t a club like ours that you never know what you will get, they’ll show up and put up a good performance, i wouldn’t write them off. They spanked Geelong in round 2 after the cats absolutely demolished us.

By the way the cats have more punchable players than any side in the comp, i reckon a good six of them with long blonde hair and headbands.

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A little tip for Sydney that most teams can’t seem to get their head around, run a defensive tag on Stewart.


If Essendon can beat Sydney, Geelong will easily!


Cats by 28.

Cam Guthrie Norm Smith.

Geelong by 43 pts after breaking the Swans resistance early in the 3rd.

Cameron 5 goals and NS Medal.

Diggers to be crying over his miniature packet of Cornflakes Sunday morning.


Most teams lose after big wins against us because we are pathetic opposition that makes teams think the game is easy and get shocked the next week because we make them think they’re better than they are


The last 40 minutes was telling for the Swans. They hobbled over the line against a very tricky opponent that win the hard way, yet are almost harder to beat than any other side in the comp. There were a few Sydney players hunched over late at times, trying to find extra and were stunned to boot. Geelong in their PM cruised and while that may cause teams to become complacent, this is largely a team who will remember that bs, asterisk Gabba GF where Sheppard made everyone leave the room with their brand of dirge.

Apparently Chris Scott bypassed Collective Minds, drove the Geelong team on a bus himself for a week long camp outside Deans Marsh and played Sheppard on repeat to and from the surf coast gulag. Some of the younger players enjoyed it, they’re now delisted for pensioners or shipped off to Carlton’s reserves. Survivors of the camp say Joel Selwood’s psychotic thousand yard stare didn’t break while audibly force fed Say Geronimo! on that day and it’s never been broken, not before nor after.

Geelong by 41


Swans to be up by a point with 40 seconds to spare. Jelwood gets the ball in the Cats’ forward line but gets tackled. He slips downward in the tackle like he’s practised at training so many times, and the ump awards him a free. He takes the shot from on the 50, but Rampe climbs the post and bats the ball back into play. Umps don’t blow the whistle - why bother? Siren goes and Sydney win by a point.



Because fark Essendon fans, that’s why.