2022 AFL Grand Final Geelong vs Sydney

Geelong to pull away in the last to win by 31.

Cam Guthrie for the Norm Smith, although could back Gary Rohan and aim to bankroll spring racing season.

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For me it’s a chance to hang with some friends, cook up a feast and partake in some drinking.

I really DGAF


It’ll just feel good to have a “normal” GF Day again


People predicting a winner for next week are missing the point.

The real question is: What can Essendon do to take the focus away from the Grand Final???

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Come on down the new coach of Essendon, welcome the return of James Hird. (May not happen)

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Might have to barrack for the umps. Because, after the display by both sets on in the prelims, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

Clearly Geelong are the better team. Did you see their last gasp win against the Pies? Much more impressive than the swans, who could only manage a last gasp win against the Pies.

We have GF parties with a couple of pie families. A few years back they just kept to the script ‘why is James Hird making it all about himself…I’m sick of hearing about Essendon…’

Now that their team has been bundled out, they’ll have more time to sook.



Top of the morning to all blitzers.

Except those who wanted Collingwood to win.


I’m hearing Sheedy will be Hird’s mentor.

Cats by 40 points. Danger for NS.

I’m also hearing Danger will win the NS, and when he’s interviewed he’s going to announce he’s got a two year deal with Essendon.

As coach?

I think Geelong will win, but I’ll be barracking for the Swans.

Second in line to Hird, Essendon trying something new by copying royality.

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I’d rather Geelong win. Hawks supporters will be really sad.

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I just want to see Papley cry.

I want to see him in our forwardline in 2024.

That’ll make him cry.