2022 FF Original Discussion Thread

He actually named Matthew Owens, but I’m assuming that’s a silly auto correct and was supposed to be the Carlton Owies guy.
I’ll fix it up on Sunday.

We get Rivers back, so that gives us a little more depth. Not expecting a big score though, very interrupted preseason.

Powell, Soldo and Bolton all on extended benches so I’ll have to keep a close eye on final squads. Especially Soldo, as I’ll have to swap 2MP into the ruck before lockout.

21 players selected.
6 of them are an emergency or extended bench.

I should be able to field 18 this week, but will need some luck tomorrow night.

Blow the siren please.

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Sheesh. 12 of last week’s 22 Eagles players out with Covid. Can’t find a list of ommitted yet, but not great odds that Waterman will play. Hopefully the extended benches fall my way in an hour or so.

If you’ve got any Eagles players, stand by for late changes.

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Lockout Change:

The AFL has allowed the West Coast an extension for naming their side until 8.30pm AEDT, North also won’t name theirs until then. As an additional 7-8 players will be missing from the named Eagles squad, and who these players are won’t be known until after our usual lockout, I think it is prudent to push the lockout back, so as many teams as possible can field full sides.

New Lockout: Saturday 1.45pm AEDT


Who are they going to put on the field? The subiaco under 15s?

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Have started well but Fog is matching me so far, should be a close game I think

I’ve got all my spuds to come. I’ll be lucky to finish within 350 of you.

Langford, Laird, Shiel, Snelling and the king Martin may have made it a bit closer. But you’ve got injuries too.

Strewth, who in the world let Cal Mills stay as a defender after last year!!!?

Couldn’t hope for much better from my two players used, but the Marvels have started just as strongly. And North haven’t put Powell in the 22 again!? Idiots.

I accidentally signed Sam Skinner in this league thinking I was in league 2 (as you can sign straight away). I delisted him straight away again. Is there a way to undo the 1 used FA in my 30 tally?

@Dunlop usually cleans that up.

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You’re back to 0.

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Powell a late in again.

Might be some chance here.

Too good for me, Sal. I’m going through some early season blues that I’ll need to sort out to get my season back on track.

Sending my sam Skinner FA now

Thanks mate.

Yeah, barring a 219 from Jack Hayes , I’m going to record a 2nd victory! Pretty , pretty pleased , despite a couple of sub par scores and what is likely to be an ongoing problem with which to select of Tarrant or Tomlinson each week.

Final team adjustments have been made.

Neela had 3 players needing replacement and had named Matt Owies on the bench, but as he had dropped him at FAs he was ineligible for selection - Bailey J. Williams was used instead.

Superb score from Stoops, whilst Craze & Fudge look to slug it out for the win - they’re neck and neck with Wood & Lobb for Fudge vs. Brad Hill & Switkowski for Craze.

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I have done myself a mischief with selection against Dill.

Pretty happy with life… team will be around the 1400 mark… then you scan the other scores. Who on earth scores like that in week 2. 1665…

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