2022 FF Original Discussion Thread

This guy…

Young goes alright :wink:

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Bad luck @Fudge, was like two heavyweight boxers past their primes slugging it out. I got lucky right at the end.

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Sparrow for Fredericks would have given me the win.
What was I thinking?

Well done, Dill.

thanks to the bulls for going in ruckless!

Not ideal. Need to get my head into the free agent pickups this week.

two rounds in, already twice as good a season as last!

That is, of course, a condemnation of last years performance more than anything else.

Edit: wait! we’ll be in the 8! lol.


The good…

  • far better than last weeks debacle. 1188 isn’t a great score, but it would have beaten four other teams.
  • Mr Jekyll showed up. Luke Ryan with 127. I’d prefer 80 each week than the wave of form I get from him.
  • Some positive scoring from JHF and Brayden Cook.

The bad…

  • Second year blues? Jeremy Sharp, Ryan Byrnes, Ned Reeves and Samuel Wicks have all shown signs of stalling, when more was expected.
  • not much happening in VFL. I’ll probably only get Deven Robertson back.
  • subs. I copped three of them this week. Luckily Luke Edwards got enough time on the field to score close to my bench players.

The ugly…

  • Jed Anderson is MIA. Not in seniors, not in VFL and not in injury lists. What were the chances that I cop the brunt of the vaccine mandate, have a player react to the vaccine and doesn’t look like returning until mid season? Pretty good given my history…
  • sub 50 scores. JUH and Pedlar were terrible. Hopefully my first two picks in last year’s draft reward the faith I have in them.
  • FA pickups were useless. Nick Murray and Joel Smith both below 50. Not that I expected much more.
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The Good.

  • Consecutive wins. And to commence the year, no less. Not that this is totally unexpected, this squad is perhaps more likely to be at its best early in the season as it’s still quite young.
  • 2MP . Been sitting on him for (3?) years and small signs that he’s becoming more consistent.
  • Matt Kennedy and Tom Green both tonned up again for us. And good solid scores from most others led us to…
  • A score in excess of 1250, which we decided would be needed in any given week to be a genuine chance of a win. We’d have beaten 8 sides this week. Vastly better than last year.
  • Ivan Soldo. Ok, only scored 57. But, firstly, it was from only 60-odd percent game time. That’s not bad. If Nank gets injured, he might score pretty damn well. But, secondly, after his disaster last week we were questioning his drafting and our judgment. we can hold fire another week on both.
  • Trent Rivers . 75 in his first game back from a PCL problem. Very nice to see. He and L Jones will hopefully be the young cornerstones of our defence for some time.

The Bad

  • We nearly avoided the outright junk scores in the sub-40 range. But nearly isn’t good enough.
  • The lot of the smallish forward is a tricky one for Fantasy Footy. We essentially have 3 or four of them, which makes a poor score from at least one more or less inevitable. This week, it was Bobby Hill. Need a bit more from him. Happily, Jack Mahony looked a bit more solid.

The Ugly

  • Robbie Tarrant / Adam Tomlinson. It goes without saying that whichever one I don’t select will score far better than the one I do… Going with Tomlinson would have pushed us through the 1300 point barrier. Tarrant has managed a 38 and a 25. I think Adam becomes the default selection until Lever / Coleman return from injury.
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Rapt with my 1270. I’m not sure I’ll score that highly too often.
May is solid, McGovern is solid, and Battle just scored a ton+. Not expecting that from him every week of course, but it’s encouraging.
Very much need a sixth back, and it will be a long while before my draft picks are that, but we’re patient.

Wanganeen-Milera showed good signs.
92 from Xerri is outstanding. Along with Draper that should be my rucks locked away for a decade.

I know Fredericks didn’t score well, but I do have faith. He still looks lost sometimes, but others he really looks like he’s starting to learn how to football, and I would hope eventually in more than a small forward role.

I still have Arlo Draper’s debut to look forward to.

Annoyed to have lost by less than 40, and I had a few real dud scorers, but it’s all smiles here in Pimpinio.

Official Final Scores

Alber_Goodthur 963 lost to Dunlop 1344
topdon 1097 defeated The_Mad_Bomber 934
You Shall Be Smoten 1360 defeated Awesome Scotty 1264
wimmera 1272 lost to Windy Dill 1302
redbull 1244 lost to wezza 1308
saladin 1282 defeated Jefferson 1117
Allblack 1418 defeated Blummers 1188
Stoops 1665 defeated fogdog 1363
Crazy Bomber 1420 defeated Fudge 1396


Pos PosLR Team GP W L D For Aga % Pts
1 1 Stoops 2 2 0 0 2989 2298 130.1 8
2 4 Dunlop 2 2 0 0 2723 2108 129.2 8
3 3 YSB Smoten 2 2 0 0 2787 2351 118.5 8
4 8 Allblack 2 2 0 0 2753 2470 111.5 8
5 9 saladin 2 2 0 0 2464 2297 107.3 8
6 5 Crazy Bomber 2 2 0 0 2752 2577 106.8 8
7 2 Fudge 2 1 1 0 2756 2405 114.6 4
8 10 wezza 2 1 1 0 2488 2426 102.6 4
9 6 redbull 2 1 1 0 2548 2510 101.5 4
10 7 Awesome Scotty 2 1 1 0 2497 2521 99.0 4
11 13 Windy Dill 2 1 1 0 2508 2576 97.4 4
12 15 topdon 2 1 1 0 2242 2313 96.9 4
13 12 wimmera 2 0 2 0 2433 2539 95.8 0
14 11 Jefferson 2 0 2 0 2399 2617 91.7 0
15 14 fogdog 2 0 2 0 2544 2997 84.9 0
16 17 Mad Bomber 2 0 2 0 1919 2457 78.1 0
17 18 Blummers 2 0 2 0 2123 2742 77.4 0
18 16 Alber Goodthur 2 0 2 0 2050 2771 74.0 0

Next Round

Match of the Round: Stoops (1) vs. Fudge (7)
Crazy Bomber (6) vs. The_Mad_Bomber (16)
Dunlop (2) vs. Awesome Scotty (10)
topdon (12) vs. Alber_Goodthur (18)
Windy Dill (11) vs. You Shall Be Smoten (3)
wezza (8) vs. wimmera (13)
Jefferson (14) vs. redbull (9)
Blummers (17) vs. saladin (5)
fogdog (15) vs. Allblack (4)

@saladin with his highest ladder position in his stint in this league

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Woke up to Brayshaw’s 181! Saved my bacon indeed. Very poor score and lucky to win TBH.

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Out of interest, what’s mine? I dont think I would have been much higher than eighth.

“Points for” tells the true story, but I’ll take it!

Well played @Blummers32 . Reckon things are bubbling away nicely for you.

For mine. 1400 is the minimum score to be a chance and to clock that early in the year with room for improvement is pleasing.

The good

  • Archie Perkins is going to be a gun. Having a bombers player going well in fantasy makes things even better
  • Zorko hitting a good time figure score is very pleasing.
  • Witts with another solid score in his second week back.
  • Witherden just making my backs stronger.

The bad

  • LDU getting a concussion and only giving me 14 and probably a week off.
  • Rioli… one of my own players being the one to give him that concussion and could also get a week off.
  • Heppel looking a little like he may be heading towards the end of his fantasy footy usefulness. Been a very good player since I drafted him.

The ugly

  • Cannot get depth.
  • Liam Baker consistently playing good team football but not good fantasy football.
  • Playing @Trotters this week who is due… the same week his Suns are likely to give the Sixers a touch up.

The good
Williams with a ton
SPP showing the same form from the beginning of last year. Hopefully they don’t change his role and cuts his scoring again.

The bad
Not sure how I ended up with Jacob Edwards on the field, going to blame the complimentary beer and whiskey at the selection committee held on Thrusday evenings for that bold but ultimately painful decision.

The Ugly
a sub 1000 score
All of my players bar those mentioned above performing at about 50% of their scores.
Sean Darcy is injured again
Nik Cox is injured
Looks like Berry is going to have run with roles this year when an opposition mid gets loose.
Serong is playing like a bag of ■■■■. So many reports across preseason by the media tipping him to explode.
Gold Coast Suns - stop playing Lukosius forward. put him back
The 2022 draft thread and Rookie me central - neither have a lot of content this early in the year. Appalled to already be looking there for some solace.


@Dunlop I’d like to LTI Zac Merrett please


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Word of warning: UF, in their infinite wisdom, have added West Perth top-up/AFL debutant Aaron Black to their system (but have ignored the 4 others that played who had previous AFL experience). I presume the others will be added in time, though not before FAs this week. In the event UF adds the top-ups who play an AFL game, they will be allowed to be selected as FAs as normal, should anyone want them.


FAs have been processed.

I didn’t think I’d get Walker.
I’m sure he’ll spud it up for me…

Just for reference, I’ll post FAs in the other thread under the alt account. That way people can click on the name of the post and send a message for their FA selections.
I’ve found it a tad tougher to not glance at PMs for FAs in this account when there are FF Admin PM notificationss as well as bookmarks reminder notificationss for LTIs happening on the same day.
Just try and be vigilant and send FAs to the other alt account.