2022 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread

Looking forward to this kicking off. I know pick one looks like a race in two but genuinely think there is 5 players that could be in contention for the best player over the next couple of years.

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I’m surprised Daicos is still there…

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Can we kick it off in this thread? Or wait for Keepers?

The draft thread is unlocked.
Just post there.

yeah i’m torn between 3/4 players at pick 3. That’s working on the assumption that both JHF and Daicos are off the board

I feel there’s a really good top 6… and then possibly another 4 or 5 obvious ones before it gets a bit more even


it’s just not helped by some not playing pre season at all or only bit parts


Where is that? The Draft Order Thread?

Yep. That one.

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I agree I have about 6 or so I would be happy to take at my first pick at 8 but I am not certain any of them are going to be on the board still.

I had the offer of 2 picks inside the top 7 for the other league. I found it hard to justify based on my rankings which puts 5 players on a different level to the rest.

And we’re away. Selection taken in the Draft Order thread.

I only changed my mind 43 times…

I thought Daicos was the safer choice. He’ll be a DTer.
JHF could be a Dustin Martin like scorer or Jack Viney.

I won’t be taking my next pick (pick 11) until later on tonight unless there is a clear slider available.

I have taken my pick. Over to @topdon

Is there a spreadsheet of available players? Or are you guys that have picked just assuming there will be nobody on the spreadsheet cut from lists that will be better than the 2021 draftees?

The spreadsheet has now been distributed.


Haven’t seen a spreadsheet as yet, but i kept an eye on a few players on other teams final keeper lists just in case. But #1 was always almost certainly going to be a kid given my list. If i was further down the order I’d be waiting , certainly 19 won’t be taken without the spreadsheet, lol.

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Topdon will be 3-4 hours which will be around 6pm his time.


I’m very happy to get Ward with Pick 4. Truth be told I would have been happy with any of the first 4 players taken. I will look on with interest to see where the next players on my rankings end up.