2022 Midseason draft

Probably should have a dedicated thread to discuss the overagers specifically. We currently don’t have a slot, but Cox’s injury may create one and Hurley might retire.

Useful info for MSD.
See the original link for ND info in the article.


We should be taking two picks; Cox and Hurley.

1 of Culley/Carmichael
and 1 of D’Ambrosio/Voss


A small pressure forward from a state league would be value add to our team.


Some relevant bits


Culley or Voss please
or Atley / Weightman if gone as a smokey from our VFL side.

Geez Coxs injury although frustrating opportune timing to happen now than the week after the mid season draft.

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182cm mid is exactly what we are missing.


Too tall. We need a 178cm mid.


And one who cant kick a goal past 35 metres please


Preferably one who only runs one way as well.


Seriously just need to make a smart play to grab two picks. JUST DO IT EFC

Won’t be a boost to our AFL team or VFL team


2019 Mid Season Draft

2021 Mid Season Draft

Temper your expectations on the quality of player available in a mid season draft. We have done really well in getting Snelling and Durham. Pickett and Newcombe probably the other two stand outs.


Some @THE_DON1 MSD comments.

Neither would Gary Ablett Senior in our current form.

I cannot imagine thinking Joe Atley is who we should spend our pick 3 in the MSD on. Or any pick for that matter.



“193 centimetres as a midfielder, kicks goals, he ticks a few boxes and he’s got a fair few clubs looking at him.


Hopefully North or Eagles go for Ramsden


STRENGTHS: Ball winning and clearance ability, disposal efficiency, tackling pressure, endurance
IMPROVEMENTS: Speed and athleticism, strength

Casey Voss is a father-son prospect of Michael for Brisbane Lions, who has had a break out year playing nine games for Sturt Under 18s and also nine games for the Sturt Reserves in 2018. While not selected in the South Australian Under 18s squad for the National Championships, Voss has shown he is capable at a high level. He has also trained with Brisbane and played a Reserves game for Brisbane for 2018. Voss has showed this year that he is excellent at winning clearance football and breaking away from the contest. He is a skilled player and was damaging with his possessions in all forms. He has shown a good ability to mark the ball for his height and his consistency has been impressive in all forms of football. Although his body shape is slight he is still strong, and no doubt any club pre-season would aid in his development. He has improved at every level he has played in the past year and looks ready to improve further if given an AFL opportunity.

Sydney premiership player and Sturt coach Martin Mattner noticed his upward trend from a perfect vantage point.

“I saw him play in the under-18s at Sturt, then was away for a couple of years before seeing him play this year. He’s definitely improved and worked on his game,” Mattner said.

Voss is not one to spruik himself, modest about his football development as he went from runner-up to Sydney’s Dylan Stephens as player of the year at school, to a Sturt reserves best and fairest in 2019, to the seniors best and fairest and SANFL team of the year in 2021.

But he does admit he has been a slow developer who really focused on getting the best out of himself this season, mainly to satisfy his curiosity about what standard he could reach.

“I definitely developed a bit late,” Voss said. “My confidence has grown, which has allowed me to play some better footy.”

That confidence grew after he set himself up with a strong pre-season that allowed him to get to more contests across half-back, which led to more possessions allowing him to use his skills, which are his strength.

He is by no means a line breaker, more the good decision maker and kick who can set up play from behind the ball, with his ability to read the play probably gained from his junior tennis career, which saw him represent Queensland at one point.

“He is the type of player at whatever level he plays at, he finds a way to impact the game,” Mattner said.

“He is a footy nut, always chatting about footy [and] watching games. Growing up I guess he has watched a lot of footy in his life.”

That football pedigree, which sounds similar to the one Collingwood defender John Noble experienced before getting his chance at the Magpies, has grounded Voss.

The AFL has closed the loophole which helped Hawthorn swoop on jet hard nut Jai Newcombe in last year’s midseason draft.

Rival clubs were unhappy Newcombe nominated for last year’s midseason draft under ‘other terms’ which saw him nominate a higher contract price on a deal until the end of 2023.

It meant Newcombe, 21, was paid more than all of the other midseason draft selections and helped ward off other clubs who were either unable, or unprepared, to pay the higher price.

Rival list managers were adamant the move interfered with the integrity of the draft.

But the league on Wednesday contacted clubs to inform them the loophole would be shut for this year’s midseason draft on June 1.

This year all nominees who have not previously been on an AFL list will be paid the same on their initial deals with their new clubs.

Newcombe’s deal at Hawthorn was believed to be worth more than $150,000 in his first year in brown and gold last season.

Hawthorn defended its approach to Newcombe’s recruitment last year, saying it worked within the league’s rules at the time to secure the 186cm ball winner.