2022 R2 Review vs Lions

I thought we were decent to good against a very good side.

32 I50s for 4 goals at some point.

We need Jones Walla Snelling back to to start to trouble the scorers and apply scoreboard pressure.

Missed some big shots on goal which would have really changed things.

It hurts but we weren’t too bad.

What do we have to do to find someone better than Stewart?


Honestly don’t care that we lost. Expected us to. I am numb to it all.

Howver, I am disgusted that we did that to Tex. What a way to debut a kid. And the son of a club legend.

So glad that we played Devon Smith instead. Another great game by him.


Hepp you are not cherry ripe mate. You are more of a polywoffle.


Better but by no means good enough.


All things considered, we did well.

We kicked more points than goals and a number of players didn’t pull their weight.

Better teams than us will do worse against Bris this season.

Serious questions need to be asked of Heppell, Smith and Ham.


Better than last week although that isnt saying much.
If Brisbane are top 4 like predicted, then thats a decent effort.


This timeslot is absurd. Now Essington have ruined my afternoon AND evening instead of just one like usual.

4:35 get fcked.


At the 2 minute mark of the 2nd Quarter we led 4.7.31 to 1.1.7.

4 goals from 12 shots (one on the full). We kick 8 of those 12 and it’s Game Over. But none of our players want to take that risk when inside our forward 50, besides Wright in that first quarter.

We had the game there for the taking. Brisbane are a very good side and with their number of Gabba games, are a certainty to finish top 4.

0-2 isn’t ideal but perhaps a good thing to get these tough games out of the way early on to give us a more accurate indication where we’re at.


How do they look like they didn’t prepare a day in the pre-season while simultaneously getting injured like they trained intensively non-stop for 3 months?


Devon Smith
Dyson Heppell
Brayden Ham
Tom Cutler
James Stewart

I think I could 100% say that those guys wouldn’t get within 500m of any other clubs best 22. And they make up a quarter of ours.


When Shiel comes our, why wouldn’t you bring in Tex instead of Ham. Ham offers absolutely nothing. How does he keep getting picked?


It was a half decent performance. We simply just don’t have the cattle.

Some good signs from Perkins, Caldwell, Durham.


Beaten by our set shots and Neale. That was the difference.

But losing does highlight the players we’re carrying.


That’s more like the kind of game I expected against a top side.

I’m sure there’ll be lots of discussion about more important things, but the fact we lost the matchup of literally any of our players vs Zorko unable to ■■■■■■■ move was pretty awful.


First quarter was good.

we had a lot of looks at it, think it shows we don’t have forwards who knows where the goals are.

Guelfi or Smith out for Wanganeen please they can be the sub.

Martin will hopefully be back for cox, that should be a improvement.
mI can’t see us maintaining the intensity for four quarters against the dees so we need to be accurate.

unfortunately no one looked great in the reserves, maybe Bryan or VFl listed players.

And Voss needs to deal with his report.

Sill like to give Hobbs a go.


Just fold this club nothing but disappointment year after year

I feel sorry for the fans who pay top dollars for memberships every year and they have to up with this stuff


Goal kicking practice should be number one priority this week. We’d have to be the worst in the league


Can anyone explain just what Stewart, Smith, Ham, Heppell and Guelfi add to the team?

Same ol [email protected], different year.
If we kick straight, if we play smarter, if we spread better, if we tackle harder, if its a lower team, the result is different.
But here we are a decade later and we still struggle to do these things well. let alone consistently.
We seem to have a good preseason but the same old faults come up each season where we never seem to improve enough to make a difference, as the senior players drop off a cliff.