2023 AGM - general discussion

Dear Member,

2023 EFC Annual General Meeting

The 2023 Essendon Football Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Essendonians Function Centre, The NEC Hangar, 32 Watson Drive, Melbourne Airport on Monday 18 December 2023 at 6.30 pm sharp (registrations from 6.00 pm).

Entry is restricted to 2023 Eligible (Voting) Members of the Club and their valid proxies.

The full Notice of AGM can be read here.

End of Directors’ Terms

The current terms of two Essendon Football Club Directors, Kevin Sheedy and Tim Roberts, will come to an end at the conclusion of the Club’s Annual General Meeting on Monday 18 December 2023. As a result, there will be two vacancies on the Club Board that may be filled by election.

Both Mr Sheedy and Mr Roberts will be standing for re-election and nominations for other candidates remain open until Monday 13 November 2023. Further information about the nomination process is available on the EFC website.

The full Notice of End of Directors’ Terms can be read here.

Michael Abrahams
Company Secretary

3 November 2023


I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t get voted back in.

I’d call it a near certainty that he will.


I thought sheedy wasn’t going for reelection?

If voters out him back in after his ego trip in trying to get his boy Hird back in as head coach, then we deserve all the pain we get.


Worzel Gummidge should know his time is up. I hope he doesn’t make us vote him out.

More importantly: Is there any chance of BLITZ CANDIDATES this time round ?


When does the Annual Report get released?

I want to see how much of Barham’s “brilliance” is actually just solving every single problem with millions of membership fees (Rutten payout, Thorburn payout, Scott poaching, increased football department spend, spend spend spend).

I wasn’t at all surprised that membership fees took a step change upwards this year.

Whos gonna go this year

This’ll be me


Yes, if I can.

I have walked to previous AGMs when held at MVRC, Clocktower Centre or Moonee Valley Council building. I won’t be walking to the Hangar… or going at all. Thanks EFC. :roll_eyes:

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I’d vote for @Heffsgirl with the cannon.




Time for him to rest on his laurels before he de-laurels himself.


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Yeah, that’s right. I’m entitled and I’ve cracked it because I would have to drive, lol.

i’d run, but i microwaved* my membership a while back

(* - didn’t renew)

-edit- run for a board position, not run to the hanger


Typo, or were members really that much more apathetic some decades ago?