2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

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Didn’t work. Just logged me into the competition.

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Where are we doing LTI’s? I need to get Brayden George on the list please

Not if you drafted with a pre existing injury I don’t think?


Excitement Machines Draft Recap

After another miserable season last year it was time to hit the draft again to select the next dual position player that will turn into an average C within three years. I got a bit impatient in the off-season last year and traded away my pick 4 for effectively Salem and Wingard, both having had good seasons previously, with Wingard coming home like a freight train at the end of 2021. Naturally Salem then gets injured inside the first three minutes of the opening game and misses half the year and Wingard gets placed into the graveyard small fwd role in a poor team. I don’t necessarily regret the trades as I think building solely through the draft is too hard, but after one year they are clearly stacking up as poor trades.

I have a lot of young talent on the list at the moment and I’m hoping they can all make ppg improvements to push me up the ladder, potentially with an outside chance at finals. The side is nowhere near good enough to beat the top contenders but should hopefully be competitive most weeks.

Coming into the draft I didn’t really have a plan of any description, I had pick 8 and had a list of 8 players where I’d take whichever one wasn’t gone, beyond that it was a case of trying to find some diamonds in the rough that could become future keepers.

Pick 8. Harry Sheezel F
Didn’t think that he would be the one of the eight that was available at my pick, I was sure he’d go inside the top 3 or 4 selections given it’s likely he’ll hold a non C position for a long time. The only downside was that he was another North player to go with LDU, Simpkin and Stephenson, but he was too good to pass up here. I was desperate for EFC to be able to draft him but will have to take solace in joining another rabble with a long finals drought in the EMs instead

Pick 26. Matt Crouch C
I think he was the best scoring prospect remaining in the draft at this point, with his ability to find the footy and score points never in doubt. It’s just a matter of Nicks giving him a crack which remains to be seen, however in the final year of his contract I’m holding out hope he gets a free agent gig elsewhere at the end of the season, which hopefully makes him a shrewd selection. His broken leg about three hours after I drafted him was a minor setback…

Pick 44. Billy Dowling C
Didn’t really know who or what I wanted at this point, but he scored very well as a junior and should hopefully get a crack at some stage this season. Another pure C but could be a high upside pick if junior form translates to senior footy and I wasn’t sure how much longer he would last given he went around a similar pick in league 1

Pick 62. Judson Clarke F
Probably reached a bit here but I liked what I saw of him last year, good skills and a lovely kick, just needs to crack a spot in a strong team. Articles suggested he would be in their r1 side but he wasn’t picked last night, so no doubt he will be available as a FA in no time

Pick 80. Jack Darling F
At this point I just needed a reliable and best 18 forward, of which Darling fits the bill. Should have games where he goes pretty big but is ideally only playing if I have injuries

Pick 98. Callum Coleman-Jones FR
Broke my no North players rule at this point after showing restraint and not picking up about six of them that were presenting themselves as good options throughout the draft. I haven’t been able to nail my second ruck for a few seasons, especially with Mac Andrew losing R eligibility, and whilst injured currently, I’m hoping CCJ can become a regular fixture in the North line up

Pick 116. Hugo Ralphsmith B
I was pleasantly surprised that he was still available at this pick, I had him pegged from as early as my third round selection and he kept sliding through. Another where job security is a question mark but he did manage to play 13 games last year and showed some positive signs.

Pick 132. Jy Farrar B
Was looking for a defender that was likely to play at this point, he put together some ok scores last year but it probably remains to be seen whether he plays once the suns get all their half backs fit again. Could be on FA scrap heap by Anzac Day

Pick 146. Corey Wagner CB
Freo have had good history with mature age selections and wouldn’t have drafted a 25 year old without thinking he could play a role. Dual position was a bonus and hopefully he can get a crack in a good team

Pick 160. Jack Hayes F
I think this was my first can’t believe I didn’t see him comment from 20 picks across two leagues, so I’ll take it that I won the draft at pick 160. Will be a slow burn whilst injured but showed some good signs last year before the ACL. Another that could become my second ruck by the end of the season

Excitement Machines Best 22

B. Harry Himmelberg, Christian Salem, Callum Wilkie, Liam Stocker, Will Day

C. Marcus Bontempelli, Noah Anderson, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Jy Simpkin, Harry Perryman, Matt Crouch

R. Tom De Koning

F. Jaidyn Stephenson, Zac Bailey, Dan McStay, Chad Wingard, Harry Sheezel

U. Elijah Hollands

Bench. Darcy Wilmot, Xavier Duursma, Jack Darling, Callum Coleman-Jones

Depth. Hugo Ralphsmith, Jy Farrar, Billy Dowling, Kieran Briggs, Mac Andrew, Corey Wagner, Judson Clarke, Jack Hayes

Good luck to all coaches for the season!


There is a dedicated thread for LTI and List management stuff but its not ready to implement yet because we don’t know how the waiver stuff is going to work on TB yet.

You cant LTI any player you draft if it is common knowledge they are injured.

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Can we select captain/VC on The Bench?

No captains or vice captains in our comp

Hey RB - I have Jack Henry rather than Ollie. Rest looks good!

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ffs. Was going to pick up Bodhi and 2nd guessed myself.

It begins. The weekly frustration!

And regret on keepers

50/50 on shuey vs Toby McLean. Get done over


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My biggest issue is at least not one this week. I’ve got a ruckman selected!


No green ticks is ■■■■■. I miss UF…:frowning:


Yeah i am really struggling with the UI tbh. No updated scores either or am I missing it?


I can’t find updated scores either.

Why UF, why?

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Dont blame me, I voted for Kodos / AFL Fantasy.

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Is it too late to swap?

no live scores is a deal breaker as far as i’m concerned. if @redbull has already paid i’m still happy to pay him back and move.

if it’s a choice between a U and live scores i choose live scores

I cant seem to update my team either. Tried to move Nathan Wilson and change to Witherden and says
“The requested change is not permitted during the rolling lockout as it will leave position ‘Defender’ empty and so locked. Change position ‘Defender’ first.”
and has locked Wilson in.

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@redbull Can my team please be set as

Backs Centres Forward Rucks Utility Bench
Angus Brayshaw Lachie Neale Isaac Heeney Todd Goldstein Bradley Hill Nathan Wilson
Alex Witherden Patrick Dangerfield Zac Fisher Nick Haynes
Hunter Clark Kamdyn McIntosh Rory Lobb Thomson Dow
Jayden Hunt Jacob Wehr Bobby Hill Harry Sharp
Ben Long Zach Tuohy Jack Martin
Marcus Windhager