2023 BBFFL#2 LTI and List Management

This thread is for making LTI requests and Waiver and Free Agent results will be posted here also.

LTI requests

Make your request with a reputable link to the player showing that he will not be playing for at least 8 weeks.
If the player comes back early he still must sit out his 8 weeks.
Once your request is approved i will give you the earliest date the player will be eligible to play again.
You will then PM me your extra player choice and they will be processed during the waiver/FA process and you will be advised the player you received and you will add that player to your squad via the “Players” tab on The Bench.
2 is the maximum allowed LTI players.

Waivers and Free Agents

Waivers and Free Agent requests are to be pm’ed to me by 7pm on Wednesday night.
Please name the player you want, the club they play for and whether you are lodging a Waiver claim or taking your chances with a Free Agent claim. (If you don’t stipulate it will be assumed it’s a Free Agent request)
Hopefully by 9pm the same night i will post the results in this thread along with an updated waiver order.
Once you have won your player you can add him to your squad yourself from the “Players” tab and delist the player you don’t want from the “Squad” page on The Bench.
Please make sure you keep your list to 30 players maximum, unless you have a LTI and only add players you have requested.


Week 2 Ladder and Waivers.

Ladder Name Waiver Player in
1 The Melkman 18
2 Crazy Bomber 17
3 Nozza 16
4 TrevorBix 15
5 Trotters 14
6 The Ant 13
7 cafegerat 12
8 Stoops 11
9 redbull 10
10 Speedy Gonzales 9
11 saladin 8
12 Smooth 7
13 Ivan 6
14 AvanderScreamer 5
15 Don to Death 4
16 frosty 3
17 Aceman 2
18 Wezza 1

Can I LTI Jeremy Howe.

Not sure I need a link.


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You do need to provide a link to show how long he will be out. I don’t want to be chasing this stuff up myself. In this case however he has had surgery but they won’t know a date for a couple of weeks but i think it’s fair to say he won’t be back in 8 weeks.

Request approved and his earliest return date is 16.05.2023

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LTI for Peter Wright please.

This is a sad one to approve :frowning:

Again pretty fair to say he will miss at least 8 weeks.

His earliest return date is 16.05.2023.


@ivan please delist Charlie Comben.

You have to go lodge a request as outlined in the OP.

Yeah discussed with @redbull an hour or so ago. Will need to relist Butler too. Can @redbull do this at the back end or do I need to delist

Hadn’t read the OP either sorry, just glanced at it and thought it was purely lti related

A lodged the fa bid on Monday at our the usual systems and my routine and msg’d red this evening when I realised it had gone through already.

Did you want the FA requests here or by DM? (Still haven’t read op)

LTI requests for Pat Lipinski (out for first half of year with shoulder

And Zac Williams, out for season with ACL

Both approved.

Due to the fact that you were asked not to lodge your LTI at the time of the draft their return dates will start from the last day of the draft.

Earliest return date for them both is the 10.05.2023

Successful Round 2 Waiver and Free Agent requests.

@ivan receives Charlie Comben via a Waiver request.
@TrevorBix receives Bohdi Uwland via a Waiver request.
@Crazy_Bomber receives Connor Blakely via a Waiver request
@The_Melkman receives Harrison Jones via a Waiver request

Free Agents
@redbull receives Cooper Hamilton via a Free Agent request.
@The_Melkman receives Riley Garcia via a Free Agent request.

The successful coaches are now free to add the above players to their squad and delist the same amount of players, except for LTI replacements.

Please note: It may not be possible to do this now that the round has started (We don’t actually know) so if it isn’t @redbull will add them for you so please PM him the player you want delisted.

Also @The_Melkman chose not to take his 2 picks before everyone else and just went into the queue like everyone else.

Updated Waiver order.

Ladder Name Waiver
1 The Melkman 18
2 Crazy Bomber 17
3 Nozza 14
4 TrevorBix 16
5 Trotters 13
6 The Ant 12
7 cafegerat 11
8 Stoops 10
9 redbull 9
10 Speedy Gonzales 8
11 saladin 7
12 Smooth 6
13 Ivan 15
14 AvanderScreamer 5
15 Don to Death 4
16 frosty 3
17 Aceman 2
18 Wezza 1

so how do we choose the left over free agents?

At this stage we don’t.

Not sure what’s going to happen in future once we work out more about TB but for now we will just continue with the deadlines we currently have.

So the free agent window has closed on The Bench. This isn’t ideal……

Im totally confused, I just left this (waiver/fa) on the proviso that I could pick up anyone who was not snaffled up by others.

Now there are players (free agents) sitting there who we can’t add?

Confused how waiver works. Isn’t the waiver pool the delisted players?

Or is that just the other league?

Waivers are just basically your number in the queue to get your chosen player from the whole free player pool. Once you get your player you go to the back of the queue for next week etc.

Waivers are processed first and FA after all waivers have been done.

Pretty sure that’s how UF did it unless i’m mistaken.


Sorry, still confused.

There are currently available players, but because I or another coach did not make a waiver or free agent request they are no longer available until another 7 days? Meaning nobody can pick them up until then when another request is made?

Well, I totally didn’t understand this. For the years I have been playing this I have always checked the free agent pool after waivers to see what players I can potentially add.

This sorta sucks.

We are still learning about TB.

All this stuff used to be automatic, now we are manually having to do it.

A bit of patience is required and we are learning as we go.