2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Comben now delisted and Butler back on @ivan’s list

Also @wezza Atkins and Henry were pick ups done by me to correct errors made in the initial draft.

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Bugger. Was excited to get Henry as a Free Agent pickup.

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I do not have any idea what is going on, lol.


Similar to the other comp except you get two deadlines. Wednesday night for Thursday games and Thursday night for everyone else.

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We are ■■■■■■ if they are lodged through TB.

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Free agents with scores for Round 1 updated

When adding players you successfully claim via @DonToDeath’s free agency

Picking up players on Bench
It’s a 2 step process unlike UF where delisting was triggered by picking a player

To delist a player head to the squad tab and click the bin
Your new player can be added via the player tab (you’ll need to search for them or browse by club to find them if they didn’t play last round.)

Credit to @Dunlop

one of the stranger things that i find about the bench and still having a tough time, is having the forwards up the top of the ‘field’.
It’s always been the backline up top and forwards down bottom.


Can we actually change platforms at the end of this season?

Screw the positions. Let’s get a platform that has most things we need.

Presumably created by South Australians, given that is how they name their sides.

I agree, we should swap next year. As Dunlop said in the other thread, there should be more upstart fantasy leagues to trial with next year, plus the AFLF should have more customization and utilities to suit our needs. A huge amount of keeper leagues have been left furious with the dramatic swap, we just have to make the best of it this year and then move forwards onto better things next year.

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Happy to fix that - something I can control!

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Definitely South Aussies if you watch the videos on the website the pub menu has chicken parmis on it.

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Wow. Didn’t realise the South Aussies did it that way!

I was delisting Jack Martin as part of my proposed Free Agent. Shall I dump him in advance since I was #1 on the Free Agent order?

But Waivers take precedence over FA requests and @The_Melkman is before anyone with 2 selections due to being held over from the draft. (assuming he nominates)

Just hang on to him until FA/Waivers have been processed.

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Can you fix for me too please.

oh. I didn’t think there could be any waivers as we hadn’t dropped anyone yet?

That’s why I only had one option in my FA pickups

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Interesting though. I would have preferred to carry over a player short off the draft if I meant I was going to have first dibs on the players post round 1.

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It was because he had 2 LTI and we didn’t know how it was going to be handled so he was asked to wait until now.