2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Thanks mate - good pick up. For some reason some of the scorers who were on the bench came in and others didn’t. In addition to your match with @Trotters the other coach impacted was @Aceman

BBFFL#2 Revised Round 2 Results
Aceman 967 Lost to Stoops 1187
cafegerat 1374 Defeated Don to Death 1243
Crazy Bomber 1579 Defeated Redbull 1194
AVanderScreamer 1229 Defeated Smooth 1130
ivan 1286 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1409
Wezza 1137 Lost to Nozza 1207
Trotters 1365 Lost To The Melkman 1366
TrevorBix 992 Lost to The Ant 1213
Saladin 1349 Defeated frosty 1033


BBFFL#2 Revised Round 2 Ladder

Red and DtD may well have solved this with another solution, but If we can’t add players after the first game, is our best option just to use the Bench’s waiver/FA system? Looks like it will basically release players at 8pm each Tuesday for waivers and then players will become free agents.

The downside is that it means we don’t have teams when doing waivers and it could also become a bit of a free for all after teams are announced on Thursday, but I can’t really see an option which isn’t super heavy on admin for DtD and red. Could have a rule which says players can’t be picked up after 6pm on Thursday which may help with an advantage of teams being named?

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Available players updated on thread for Round 2


Sorry. Stupid question(s) question incoming.

I have one spot available.
Can I just pick someone from the list of available players?
Or do I need to do it through waivers? If so who do I send me request to?

It’s all explained in the OP here

You have had your LTI request approved so now you make your request to me via pm.
The cutoff dates are in the OP and you need to advise if you are making a waiver or FA claim.
Then you go into the process with everyone else.

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@AVanderScreamer to answer your question you posted on TB.

The available players list can be found here each week.

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eg. Ive for some reason not selected Lachie Hunter the last two weeks. Not even on the bench. I dont know what it is with the interface, but it’s a real struggle for me.

the struggle of getting Harley Reid is real


I reckon using the AFL.com positions for a game set up for 7-5-7 or whatever it is in a game with more mids and less forwards has led to an extreme shortage of mids amongst the free agents…

We have had an almost shortage of free agent mids since we went to 7 mids. It’s usually covered by dual position players. Rucks are similar.

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This is bullshit. My team for some reason didn’t have Crozier in the 18 , and five minutes before the game starts the team is already in locked mode.

Edit - ignore. Now it’s showing Crozier in the 18 and only partial lockout. No idea what happened.

Keep an eye on whether its displaying the correct round, occasionally mine’s been showing Rd 1.


The Thursday 7pm FA lodgement simply doesn’t work when you’re not even home from work until 7.25 , lol. Hopefully won’t be the case every week for much longer.

Looks like I’ll be carrying a donut depending on if/when Paton is the sub or not.

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Yes it’s not a great time. DTD will make some amendments to the process this week. We are going to have to move away from free agency occurring post naming of AFL teams.

I’m a little bit confused. Was there FA requests Weds and Thurs nights?

Both nights! Wednesday for players playing last night and everyone else on Thursday.

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Oh. I put all my requests in for Wednesday with all players.

Hello gents

If I could please have Ben Brown playing as a forward and Jack Lukosius moved to my bench replacing Nathan Broad.
Could I then please have Jack Buckley playing as a defender and Billy Frampton moved to my bench replacing Conor Stone.
Can I please have Lukosius ahead of Thilthorpe on the bench.

Sorry guys - this is a lot of work for you to do.

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I’ve tried changing my team too but appears that the team is locked. So you aren’t able to change your team between the Thursday and Friday Night games?