2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Squads updated


It looks like we have a new coaching joining to take over from Wezza which should mean we have a full complement of coaches for 2024. Also we will be moving to AFL Fantasy given there is no real alternate.

Having run the AFL Fantasy position data I can confirm including dual positions that positions have the following number of players:
Backs - 256
Mid - 229
Forwards - 310
Rucks - 70

Note 88 players are currently dual position - the expectation is that this number will grow by 20-30 across the season.

Based on these numbers and ensuring we play a full 18 each week my current proposal is to set our league up as follows:
6 Defenders
5 Mids
6 Forwards
1 Ruck

Unfortunately the Utility position is still not available.

I will share the league code shortly so you can sign up. Trade period is officially open. I will share dates for closing of the trade period, keeper submission due date and the draft schedule in the next day or so. Also I will update the draft order which I still need to post.


Completed trades thread is here

BBFFL#2 Coaching Announcement

It is with more than a little sadness that we have lost one of our original coaches in @wezza. After 12 seasons and 247 games he has hung up his BBFFL#2 clipboard. His record as a coach is outstanding - a 62.3% winning percentage with 154 wins and 93 losses. From 12 seasons Wezza coached his side to 9 separate finals campaigns, which saw him partake in 20 finals matches for 11 wins. The highlight of his coaching career was no doubt his 2019 Grand Final win over @Aceman - 1492 vs 1396. Remarkably the 2019 finals series was his 6th straight finals appearance in a streak that lasted 7 seasons. The only seasons Wezza failed to make the finals were 2014 (13th), 2021 (11th) and 2023 (11th).

However, it is my absolute pleasure to announce that our new coach from the 2024 season will be @Kj_11 - a long term Blitz contributor and fantasy coach. Please make our newest coach feel welcome.


Welcome @Kj_11


Wow, that’s some record, maybe I should’ve looked a bit closer at the history before joining. Big shoes to fill.

Thanks for having me.


Welcome aboard.


Welcome @Kj_11

@redbull where do we find draft order these days?

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Draft order now updated


@Kj_11 Welcome aboard.

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Welcome @Kj_11, wishing you all the best and many a victory over @TrevorBix.


For those of us that have had a player do an ACL since last year, me, stoops and CB from memory, and we want to LTI them how does it work again with our keepers?

I’ve completely forgotten.

You’ll nominate them as an LTI in your keepers and take an extra draft pick at the end of draft.

It’s not applicable if the player has been traded in to a squad, they must be yours already from 2023.

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Apologies for being well behind, I have been smashed at work and at home for the last few weeks (and will likely be for the next month). Can anyone give me an idea about the date for list cull, draft etc.

(I am so screwed. Early draft pick and no time to do research)

So I follow that link through to join the league and what’s the first thing I see…

One of my best players retired on the seasons eve


Yeah that is ■■■■■■ luck.

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So we’ve all got out invites.

What now? How will the draft work?
Can @redbull preload our teams with our keepers? or do we simply re-pick them for the first 20 rounds and then the draft starts.

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Finer details which will answer your questions will be posted in the next few days.