2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

@ivan your pick

Nah, pass

But how did my 4 hours expire when I checked in at lunchtime and Ace hadn’t picked, and now it’s 4:15 hours later?

(Stupid work meetings)

Ace picked at 12.39 so you were due to pick by 4.39. I picked at 4.41.

You said “last call” 3 hours ago…

Did Ace post in the wrong thread, because I checked in pretty close to 1?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I just hadn’t wanted to hold the draft up, didn’t want any of the available players.

If you hover over the time since post in the top right corner it gives you the exact time of the post. Like in the above example.

My “last call” to you was a later edit of an earlier call out to you…

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Sorry just saw this, I have no idea.


@smooth your pick

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Can someone send me a text if I am up this morning, I am a bit out and about.

@smooth has until 12 noon to take his pick

If it gets to me today I’ll be passing

I good to pick then?

Yep go @TrevorBix

Mitch Hardie please. No idea if he will play


@wezza you’re up


@Stoops has passed so over to @AVanderScreamer in the midseason draft

Apologies for being MIA. Have been without phone reception here in the UK for about 24 hours and only had it back this morning.


Sorry, in Bangkok.
Buller please

And we all know what bangkok can be like