2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Getting rid of blake howes

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BBFFL#2 Round 13 Results
Stoops 1323 Lost to The Melkman 1388
The Ant 1233 Defeated Nozza 1138
frosty 1012 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1611
Saladin 1472 Defeated Smooth 1133
TrevorBix 1112 Lost to Redbull 1259
Trotters 1441 Defeated Don to Death 1149
Wezza 1097 Defeated Aceman 638
ivan 1216 Lost to cafegerat 1345
AVanderScreamer 1048 Lost to Crazy Bomber 1366

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BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 13

Also please remember to check your teams on The Bench as the auto switches for the byes are causing havoc. @wezza I note you still had Lachie Neal warming the pine over the weekend.

So how is this trade period going? Has everyone conceded the flag to crazy, or is someone going to swing for the fences on a trade?

Judging by the weekends scores, Speedy hasn’t.


:grimacing: :man_facepalming:

Tex ain’t kicking 10 every week!

Marlion has gone and got himself in hot water also

But yes I’ll still have the hope that on my day I can knock off CB

Trading shall need to be done for sure


Top 8 scalp.

Finals still a mathematical chance!


It’s been amazing watching Wardlaw, Phillips, Callaghan all come on this year.
When Ward is back on the park I’ve got a centre line for the next 10 years that’ll pump out 400 week on week.


If anyone has any vets they want to offload, I’m keen to trade. Hobbs, Berry, Daniels, Jordon amongst others and picks all available.


And he’s in the team this week without me touching it…

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Jack Macrae is on the table for the right deal. Young players who have established themselves are my preference.

What are the trade rules? Is it pure player for player? Picks available for trade? Future year picks?

FYI to @redbull i have included Jayden Davey in my trade to @TrevorBix on the bench so that the trade can be processed. Thanks

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You can trade players or picks or a combination of both but no future year picks.

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Ok. So still have players available. Would like either young players or draft picks.

Anyone on my list could conceivably be available, particularly anyone over 28.

Apologies bye scorers for this weekend will be posted tonight.

BBFFL#2 Round 14 Bye Scorers

Player Club Position 23 Aver Blitz Coach
Mason Redman ESS B 92 Aceman
Bayley Fritsch MEL F 67 Aceman
Darcy Fogarty ADE F 61 Aceman
Jake Lever MEL B 53 Aceman
Brandon Zerk-Thatcher ESS B 50 Aceman
Tim Kelly WCE C 102 AVanderScreamer
Jai Newcombe HAW C 91 AVanderScreamer
Mitch Lewis HAW F 80 AVanderScreamer
Jye Caldwell ESS CF 75 AVanderScreamer
Archie Perkins ESS F 72 AVanderScreamer
Oscar Allen WCE F 69 AVanderScreamer
Ed Langdon MEL C 68 AVanderScreamer
Lachlan Bramble HAW BC 63 AVanderScreamer
Ned Reeves HAW R 58 AVanderScreamer
Bobby Hill COL F 51 AVanderScreamer
Christian Petracca MEL C 106 cafegerat
Jack Viney MEL C 90 cafegerat
Andrew McGrath ESS BC 80 cafegerat
Karl Amon HAW C 77 cafegerat
Lachlan Murphy ADE F 65 cafegerat
Luke Shuey WCE C 64 cafegerat
Billy Frampton COL BR 58 cafegerat
Will Hoskin-Elliott COL CF 57 cafegerat
Riley Thilthorpe ADE F 56 cafegerat
Jacob van Rooyen MEL F 52 cafegerat
Sam Petrevski-Seton WCE F 55 Crazy Bomber
Conor Nash HAW C 83 Don to Death
Jarman Impey HAW B 80 Don to Death
Josh Worrell ADE B 74 Don to Death
Will Snelling ESS F 65 Don to Death
Sam Durham ESS C 62 Don to Death
Jack Scrimshaw HAW B 57 Don to Death
Tyler Brockman HAW F 53 Don to Death
Sam Butler HAW F 50 Don to Death
Zach Merrett ESS C 112 Fogdog
Darcy Cameron COL RF 82 Fogdog
Blake Hardwick HAW B 80 Fogdog
Taylor Adams COL CF 73 Fogdog
Jack Petruccelle WCE F 53 Fogdog
Sam Weideman ESS F 52 Fogdog
James Jordon MEL C 48 Fogdog
Rory Laird ADE C 107 frosty
Alex Neal-Bullen MEL F 74 frosty
Sam Draper ESS R 67 frosty
Wayne Milera ADE F 66 frosty
Max Michalanney ADE B 53 frosty
Reef McInnes COL F 21 frosty
Jordan Dawson ADE BC 110 Ivan
Kyle Langford ESS CF 77 Ivan
Trent Rivers MEL B 77 Ivan
Reuben Ginbey WCE BC 63 Ivan
Xavier O’Neill WCE CF 56 Ivan
Jye Menzie ESS F 47 Ivan
Judd McVee MEL BC 46 Ivan
Nick Murray ADE B 40 Ivan
Scott Pendlebury COL C 86 nozza
Rory Sloane ADE C 79 nozza
Josh Daicos COL C 92 redbull
Ben Keays ADE CF 76 redbull
Elliot Yeo WCE B 73 redbull
Seamus Mitchell HAW BF 68 redbull
Brady Hough WCE BC 50 redbull
Ash Johnson COL F 47 redbull
Massimo D’Ambrosio ESS B 42 redbull
Dylan Moore HAW F 89 saladin
Nic Martin ESS CF 87 saladin
Peter Wright ESS F 78 saladin
Josh Rachele ADE CF 77 saladin
Jake Stringer ESS F 68 saladin
Josh Weddle HAW B 65 saladin
Kysaiah Pickett MEL F 62 saladin
Nick Daicos COL B 111 Smooth
James Worpel HAW C 84 Smooth
Jordan Ridley ESS B 80 Smooth
Izak Rankine ADE F 73 Smooth
Darcy Moore COL B 65 Smooth
Luke Pedlar ADE F 60 Smooth
Matt Guelfi ESS F 56 Smooth
Cam Mackenzie HAW CF 55 Smooth
Oleg Markov COL B 44 Smooth
Campbell Chesser WCE BC 39 Smooth
Tom Mitchell COL C 99 Speedy_Gonzales
Dom Sheed WCE C 90 Speedy_Gonzales
Max Gawn MEL R 82 Speedy_Gonzales
Jack Crisp COL C 80 Speedy_Gonzales
Brodie Grundy MEL R 80 Speedy_Gonzales
Brodie Smith ADE B 79 Speedy_Gonzales
Dyson Heppell ESS BC 76 Speedy_Gonzales
Taylor Walker ADE F 73 Speedy_Gonzales
Andrew Gaff WCE C 69 Speedy_Gonzales
Steven May MEL B 68 Speedy_Gonzales
Brody Mihocek COL F 64 Speedy_Gonzales
Beau McCreery COL F 53 Speedy_Gonzales
Greg Clark WCE C 49 Speedy_Gonzales
Michael Hibberd MEL B 45 Speedy_Gonzales
Will Day HAW BC 94 Stoops
Christian Salem MEL B 82 Stoops
Jack Darling WCE F 53 Stoops
James Sicily HAW B 107 The Ant
Mason Cox COL RF 70 The Ant
Jayden Laverde ESS B 62 The Ant
Reilly O’Brien ADE R 89 The Melkman
John Noble COL B 84 The Melkman
Bailey J. Williams WCE R 78 The Melkman
Brayden Maynard COL B 68 The Melkman
Nick Hind ESS B 64 The Melkman
Kade Chandler MEL F 64 The Melkman
Luke Breust HAW F 62 The Melkman
Patrick Lipinski COL CF 57 The Melkman
Noah Long WCE CF 42 The Melkman
Ben Hobbs ESS CF 77 TrevorBix
Lachlan Sholl ADE C 71 TrevorBix
Jake Soligo ADE CF 67 TrevorBix
Tom Sparrow MEL CF 66 TrevorBix
Connor Macdonald HAW F 65 TrevorBix
Isaac Quaynor COL B 64 TrevorBix
Mitchell Hinge ADE BC 63 TrevorBix
Lloyd Meek HAW RF 62 TrevorBix
Harvey Harrison COL F 54 TrevorBix
Angus Brayshaw MEL B 78 Wezza
Jayden Hunt WCE BC 78 Wezza
Lachie Hunter MEL C 77 Wezza
Alex Witherden WCE B 73 Wezza
Chayce Jones ADE BC 70 Wezza
Andrew Phillips ESS RF 48 Wezza
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BBFFL#2 Round 14 Bye Free Agent Scorers

Player Club Position 23 Aver
Adam Tomlinson MEL B 62
Luke Foley WCE B 52
Ryan Maric WCE F 50
Charlie Spargo MEL F 49
Nathan Murphy COL B 47
Luke Edwards WCE CF 46
Ned McHenry ADE F 44
Jacob Koschitzke HAW F 43
Joel Smith MEL B 43
Jordon Butts ADE B 36
Zane Trew WCE CF 31
James Blanck HAW B 29
Rhett Bazzo WCE B 28