2023 BBFFL#2 Trade Discussion

Welcome to the 2023 season trade period. The trade period is currently open and will close at 8pm on the 07.03.2023.

This thread is just for trade discussion. List what you want, who you don’t etc.

is there a list of current squads? The post here https://discourse.bomberblitz.com/t/bbffl-2-current-squads-as-at-6-march-2022/ isn’t fully accurate.

You can still access all the squads via UF.

I actually tried last night. When I went to log into https://www.ultimatefooty.com.au/ it kicked me over to AFL’s site to create a new account.

That’s weird as i’m on there now and i just used your link and it worked also.

I wonder if you are logged in already it lets you in but everyone else gets redirected.

Ahhh. Just completed it. So yeah had to create a brand new AFL ID, then it logged in and went back to UF and could use the dropdown menu to see the squad.

I have the squads. Will try to post today


I have done the leg work for the squads but need to do a final check in the morning before posting.


Ok so let’s kick this off.

Pick 2 up for trade.

I’m open to players or picks or a combination of both but prefer younger players and not interested in old players. My squad is young and i don’t need any top ups.

Below are a group of players that i think will have interest to others and i will be keeping the majority, if not all, of them but will trade for the right deal.

Jack Ross RI - C
Jack Silvagni CA - F
Cody Weightman WB - F
Jarman Impey HW - B
Darcy Tucker FR - C,F
Nick Holman GC - F
Cameron Zurhaar NM - F
Deven Robertson BL - C
Sam Hayes PA - R
Jordon Sweet WB - R
Charlie Cameron BL - F
Logan McDonald SY - F
Will Snelling ES - F
Joel Jeffrey GC - F

Any players not on this list are either my best or duds.

I will respond to all pm’s promptly.


From ultimatefooty.com.au i clicked 'restore team at aflfantasy…but on that site i cant find my team…any thoughts?

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Oh…its still in uf

They haven’t updated it for 2023. I’m still waiting to see how it looks before deciding on what we do


Squads and draft order updated


3 reliable forwards if anyone needs one.

Charlie Dixon
Lincoln McCarthy
Jack Darling

Where do we see the draft order/picks ?


What do I need. PICKS.

I believe I sold the farm again last mid season trade period so will be aiming to get some picks back that aren’t over 100!

All of the below to consider trade albeit some are likely keepers

Need to see what happens with the practice matches (assuming we have time to do so pre trade period ending)

CB: Dayne Zorko 107 (projected av score)

C: Nat Fyfe 95 - will end up CF

B: Dyson Heppell 89

C: Luke Shuey 85

C: Ben Cunnington 82 - should end up CF

B: Steven May 74

F: Jamie Elliot 73

F: Lance Franklin 70

F: Taylor Walker 70

CF: Jed Anderson 69 - now at Gold Coast

Including these kids if you are rebuilding…

C: Zac Taylor 64

CF: Judson Clarke 61

C: Oskar Faulkhead 56

Onto the scrap heap: Mihocek, A. Kennedy (gws)

Put out to pasture: Hannebury

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And my suspicions were correct

Speedy_Gonzales (6) 89,107,125,143,161,179

Have finally revisited my squad. The following players are on my trade block:

Jake Riccardi F 60 2022 ave
Matt Taberner F 56
Lewis Young B 56
Patrick McCartin B 55
Buku Khamis BF 48
Bailey Laurie CF N/A
Connor Idun B 55
Jacob Weitering B 55
Darcy Moore B 56

Specifically looking for draft picks, in terms of players midfielders and/or a ruckman who is good enough to be best 22 at their AFL club given my rucks were dire to begin with and Young has lost R status and is now a defender only. Happy to listen to any reasonable offers for others on my list.

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These players are likely to be non-keepers. Make me an offer

Jamaine Jones CF B 64
Luke Cleary B B 63
Daniel Howe C C 63
Rhylee West F F 59
Finn Maginness CF C 54
Jack Martin F F 51
Wayne Milera BF F 50
Jacob Koschitzke F F 50
James Peatling BF F 50
Jed McEntee CF F 45
Toby Bedford F F 43
Charlie Comben RF F 40

BBFFL#2 Competition Annoucement
Trading will close at 8pm Tuesday night.

Keepers due Tuesday evening at 10pm. Keepers are to be posted on Blitz or sent to be via PM.

Draft to start Wednesday morning, dependent on when I get the spreadsheet out. That gives us 8 days to complete the draft on Blitz

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