2023 BBFFL#2 Trade Discussion

Might be the first no trade pre season ever.

Doesn’t seem to be any interest.

I reckon we will get some done before then :wink:

Well you could reconsider my offer…

Funny I have had several offers for Gulden. He’s staying a Bull

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Jack Macrae is on the table for a very good offer.

A top liner ruckman, forward or high pick would be helpful in a deal

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All players up for grabs on my list, picks or pick upgrades will secure Howe (B), Oscar Allen (F), Curtis Taylor C, Breust F, Kolodjashnij B

My list is in a mid group no-mans land. Makes me feel like I should trade Boak, Danger, etc. to a contender to give Craze a challenge.


On a similar note,

Prestia, McGovern and Lever are available to the right offer.

For those after a ruck who will play each week, Mason Cox available for a pick upgrade. Also is a FR which is handy for flexibility.

If you after rucks, Reilly O’Brien (R) the 4th highest averaging ruckman on the table and Rhys Stanley (R) the 16th highest averaging ruck both on the table.

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart - because his 10 game purple patch in 2021 didn’t just get Essendon into finals, it also played a big part in the Saracens premiership!! - but at this stage I may not be able to fit Jake Stringer into my keepers.

He’s gotta be worth a spot on someone’s list , despite some injury issues. I won’t ask the earth for him, especially to a lower side trying to get better. With a player squeeze already in play, it’ll probably need to be a pick to get a trade done.

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Who’s playing the Dodoro role this trade week? What are the deals that are holding this week up? Where are the AFL comms specialists when you need them?

These players in contention for my last few keeper slots. Open to pick offers

Jamie Cripps F 73
Hugh Greenwood C 73
Jack Higgins F 59
Tom Doedee B 59
Mason Cox RF 59
Joe Daniher F 57
Greg Clark C 55
Leek Aleer B 49
Harrison Jones F 42

Trade deadline = < 3 hours
Keepers < 5 hours

Draft tomorrow morning.

Far out…


That equals a late night for me!

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How do we do keepers? Message you? On TheBench? (If so I’d better work out what it even is?)

I just pm’ed them to him.

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Yep Pm or post them here. The Bench isn’t setup yet


Rightio. Keepers due tonight at 10pm. Gonna be an interesting final choice for my list.