2023 BBFFL#2 Trade Discussion


Lachlan Murphy F 54
Robbie McComb CF 51
Minairo Frederick F 57
Andrew Phillips R 50
Jeremy Sharp C 49
Rory Atkins C 42
Jack Graham CF 74
Matthew Flynn R 68
Max Lynch R 55
Nick Hind B 77
Lochie O’Brien C 70
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Where is the best place to request LTI picks at the end of the draft? Unfortunately I’ll have two for Zac Williams and Pat Lipinski.

Luke Ryan
Brayden Maynard
Nic Newman
Zac Williams
John Noble
Mitch McGovern
Touk Miller
Hugh McCluggage
Dion Prestia
Max Holmes
Adam Cerra
Sam Menegola
Hugh Greenwood
Jarrod Witts
Reilly O’Brien
Tim Taranto
Pat Lipinski
James Harmes
Mitch Owens
Joe Daniher


Solid squad!


Brad Crouch C 106
Christian Petracca C 103
Darcy Parish C 100
Karl Amon C 97
Jack Viney C 96
Cameron Guthrie C 96
Tom Stewart B 94
Jack Billings CF 86
Andrew McGrath BC 81
Tom Atkins BC 79
Oscar McInerney R 78
Charlie Curnow F 77
Todd Marshall F 70
Nathan Broad B 69
Changkuoth Jiath B 67
Jack Lukosius BC 64
Lachlan Young BC 63
Riley Thilthorpe F 57
Eric Hipwood F 52
Nick Coffield B 0


If these are the standards of squads I have a lot of work to do…


Sorry I completely missed all those deadlines.

I’ll do my keepers now.

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See you at the bottom.

Edit: Haven’t seen your list, just meant my list can’t compete.

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2023 keepers

Nasiah Wanganeen Milera
Darcy Byrne-Jones
Keidean Coleman
Aaron Hall
Ben Paton

Jack Steele
Blake Acres
James Rowbottom
Jacob Hopper
Nic Martin

Shai Bolton
Scott Lycett
Dylan Moore
Connor Rozee
Kysaiah Pickett

Sam Flanders
Peter Wright
Josh Rachele
Jarrod Berry
Jake Stringer

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Harley Reid trophy?


Count me in!