2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

Everyone will have an unbalanced list.
That’s why we need a bit of time before trading begins to flush out some of the rules.

Team selection will factor into how you set your list as well.
Any additional spots in lieu of LTIs will as well.
It’s likely to be a bit sketchy across the first month of the season until they start adding positions to players and allowing us some more flexibility.


Hi all,

By now you should have received a PM to join the AFL Fantasy. In another PM you should also have a link to download the xls files that Dunlop has left us with.

We’re just waiting on four more coaches to join the league.

If you haven’t received either of the PMs, let me know and I’ll resend them.

Here’s his message below:

Here are the position differences for this season as well as the other spreadsheets should you wish to utilise them.
If you’re using the draft spreadsheet, 4 players not currently on lists remain included as they’re currently training for SSP spots - they’re all highlighted for easy removal if unsuccessful (final date for SSP signings is Feb 19).
I’ve left the draftees/returnees unmixed currently, to allow you the option to post their positions in bulk for the group to look through as well.
Karl Gallagher doesn’t currently have a position as he was only signed by Adelaide in January and wasn’t included in AFL Fantasy’s spreadsheets, so I don’t think he’s been added to their system yet. Very minor issue as I can’t see anybody drafting him.


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So if all 4 files are included, only 2 of them have any real use to the group as a whole, the other 2 were admin files.

  • Position Changes: changes to squads from Bench to AFLFantasy - 2 teams who ended the season with ruck options now have 0.
  • 2024FF Draft - standard draft spreadsheet albeit pre-keeper selection with draftees/returnees down the bottom and '23 individual player scores accessible via the team tabs

The other 2 serve little purpose - overall will have player high and low scores from the last 5 years, but you can access that data and previous season averages on AFLFantasy anyway.

Best of luck to everyone for the season ahead, particularly the 2 new teams and Stoops - look after my players @Split_Infinity they’ve served me well over the years, or alternatively channel your inner Homer:

Blummers has already undertaken a mountain of work to streamline and revitalise the competition, so I’ll leave you in his and Allblack’s capable hands.


Some regular 22 players I’d be open to moving on:

Nick Hind B- Has been training fwd all pre season and very busy according to training reports, will no doubt pick up DPP. FWD scorers are thin in AFL fantasy this year.

Jake Kelly B- One of Scotts pets and never misses a game, had some big scores laat season. He’s been training on the wing, in the A team and racking it up (not that any of us want him on the wing I’m sure).

Rory Lobb F- Rarely misses a game and can bob up for a big score when he pushes up the ground or pinch hits in the ruck.

Kade Chandler FWD- played 23 games. Can explode with large scores, will only get more consistent as he continues to get games in.

Chasing picks at this point as halfway through a rebuild

Hello? What do you need?

Just covetting the Horsham boy, but still not sure of what my squad looks like.

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Hi all,

I was hoping to get this out earlier, but had an unexpected busy few days.


There will be no games played during Opening Round

Platform Change

  • We will no longer be using thebench for the competition.
  • AFL Fantasy will be used instead.

New Coaches

  • Split_Infinity takes over Dunlops team.
  • AVanderScreamer takes over Wezza’s team.

Additional Admin

  • @You_Shall_Be_Smoten has volunteered to join the admin group to help us out through the year. To be honest, we’re not too sure what tasks require help as we’ve been used to Dunlop doing the majority of the extra stuff.

Competition Costs

  • Entry Fee: $20 per coach ($360 total)
  • Admin: $30 for UF
  • Premier: $250
  • Runner-Up: $80

Key Dates

  • Trade Period - Saturday February 17 9am AEST to Sunday March 3 6pm AEST
  • Keeper Deadline - Sunday March 3 9pm AEST
  • Draft Begins - Monday March 4, 9am AEST*
  • Season begins - Thursday March 14 (Round 1)
  • Mid Season Trade Period - Rounds 12 to 15 (the bye rounds)

*The draft will begin on Blitz until AFL Fantasy is set to go.

Bye Round Rules
For Rounds 2, 3, 5 and 6

  • Opening Round Scores will be utilised regardless of whether they are injured or suspended. As long as they played in the Opening Round, they are fine to be selected and their opening round score will count towards that rounds games.

For Rounds 12, 13, 14 and 15

  • A player that is injured or suspended during the bye week can still be selected as long as they played the week before.
  • Bye scoring will be a players season average.

Injury List Rules

  • Every coach will have an additional 2 spots on their list. There will be no LTIs, they must be managed on your entire list.*

*Coaches need to be mindful of this to ensure they are naming a full team weekly.

Team Selection Rules

  • There will be rolling lockouts every week (just like DT). You are free to adjust your lineup throughout the weekend.
  • We will be going to a 5 forwards, 7 midfielders, 1 ruckman and 5 defenders team setup with 4 bench players selected per week.*
    *Coaches need to sort their lists out to accomodate for this.

Free Agency Rules

  • The waiver system will no longer be used.
  • All players will become free agents and are able to be bid on as per previous F/A rules.

Ladder Positions

  • It will be as per normal, however, instead of using percentage as a tiebreaker, the ‘points for’ will be used.*
    *this should smooth out any lucky / favourable scheduling from playing teams out of form.

The contentious rules are the additional 2 players on the list as well as the team setup. There is a concern that we may struggle to field teams and potentially struggle to fill squads, so we’ll share what we’ve come up with.
Based on the xls files the table below shows what we have to work with once the season begins.

Typical Selected Team Typical Team List Players available Played > 1 games Avg >40
90 backs 162 256 197 172
18 rucks 54 71 38 36
126 mids 198 168 147 135
90 forwards 162 289 220 175

Assuming we expand lists to 32 to include LTIs and use the 5-1-7-5 team lineup, with a back, ruck, mid and forward on the bench. Then I’m assuming teams squads will generally be filled with 9 backs, 3 rucks, 11 mids and 9 forwards.
That’s a rough guesstimate, but it’s a decent idea on a team list setup.

One thing to be mindful of is that omitted from this info is players who played >1 game or avg >40 who were delisted or retired. So there’s likely to be more availability than the table currently shows.

In this table, I’ve prioritised multi positional players into rucks, then backs, then forwards as I’m guessing this is where they’ll most likely be named in a team lineup. There is no double counting.
If I have my numbers right, we should generally be okay to have enough players to cover for team selections. The problem is having enough players to fill out an entire list once certain teams begin filling positions to cover for their own injuries.
It’s really rucks and mids that’ll struggle a bit, so coaches have to draft for flexibility early in the season then can be a bit more adventurous when additional positions are given out.

We’re putting it on the coaches to navigate their way through the early parts of the season as players get assigned additional positions through the season.
We need to see how this pans out through the year as well as your feedback (that’ll mean more surveys) then refining further for next season.

Prior to officially starting the trade period, @Awesome_Scotty needs to delist 2 players and @Alber_Goodthur needs to delist 2 players. @wimmera1 and @You_Shall_Be_Smoten both need to delist 1 player each before we can start.

There’s still 2 coaches missing from the league, so I’ll sort out who is in or out through the weekend.

Please feel free to post here if there are concerns regarding the rule changes. We’ve done our best to try and tailor the rules to suit the way we’ve grown accustomed to playing this competition and I’m sure there will be problems through the year, but hopefully we can work out ways to fine-tune the league as each year goes by.

Thanks to all for your patience and best of luck to all coaches.


That’s me for the spoon, then.

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I haven’t even looked at what those rules mean to my team.
I’ll deal with it tomorrow.
Off the top of my head, I’ll have midfielders covered pretty well. I have Marshall as my sole ruck which is fine.
My backline has been a mess for quite some time.

I’ve got Max for my sole ruck, would be open to a downgrade to help bolster my fwd stocks/good picks. If there’s a contending team in need of a elite ruck, get in contact

If I interpret that table correctly, we’ve opted to field 7 players from the smallest pool available of the three high volume positions? Acknowledging that there’ll be some double position players to pad out the midfield numbers available .

I’d started to look at my squad from a 6/5/1/6 viewpoint. I’ll go back and see what it looks like under the other layout. Off the top of my head, Daicos and Bolton being dual position C’s should help. But it’s gonna be interesting.

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We are relying on multi position players to filter into the midfield positions.
The way AFL fantasy start the season, there are few dual position players. For memory they add positions after the first 5 rounds then again mid season.
By then it should be far easier to manoeuvre through the season.

There’s going to be a strain on ruckmen regardless of what we do. I suspect the 6-5-1-6 lineup would put a strain on forwards and backs as well.
For memory in the past, any FC and CB would only be played forward or back unless there were injuries. The idea is, it may force these players to play midfield more often. But that may not occur in practice.

It’ll be interesting to see how both competitions function with the different selection lineups and list sizes.

Ok. So, are we filling the lists on draft night right up to 32 players? Or two slots have to be held empty until FA starts following round 1?

I was thinking of doing something like that, but I’m not sure if I can expand list sizes once the draft starts and historically we allow draft picks for LTIs at the back of our normal draft.
I’ll change the draft settings on AF to reflect the list size of 32.

I’m not a huge fan of the team composition changes, the other league has gone the other way after having 6 mids plus utility (effectively another mid for most) and has now gone to the same structure that we have had with 6-5-1-6. I’m intrigued how the two now on the same platform have got to very different places on structure.

Combined with a 32 player squad I think it’s going to be pretty tough for teams to field squads at stages during the season as certain circumstances arise.

Appreciate that there is no easy call here but kind of feel that one of those could have changed, not both, but it is what it is…


@Blummers32 I’ll delist the delisted Sam Hayes.

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Yep. He’s already down as a delisted player.
Unless I’m mistaken, you have to get rid of one other player to trim down to 30.

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It’s a tad ambiguous. I’ve gone through and bolded the players who aren’t in Dunlop’s thread. He basically removed any player who retired or was delisted and hasn’t made it onto SSP training lists (I think).

So these are the default players to trim down to 30 before the draft.

Prestia is crossed off for me, I hope he hasn’t retired without me knowing…

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