2023 FF Original Trade Bait/Discussion Thread

Potatoes, potatoes for sale (and some decent players).

Inform people about your defenders who spoil well and will surely start kicking the ball this season.
The journeyman who hasn’t yet cracked a 65, but is only doing that to spite you and just needs [insert opposition coach here]'s support to rack up the 80s.
The pure mid who can’t find the ball, but makes up for it by tackling well at training.
That young player you secretly think may end up only average, but you’re hoping someone will still give you a high pick for them.

And those good scorers you’re prepared to dangle to land bigger fish.

All of that magnificent banter that the trade/draft period is know for, as well as the outlandishly high and low offers for players await you within this thread.


Trade Period Ends: Sunday March 6 , 11pm ADST


Probably more interested in trading this year than most, because my team is full of spuds and I’m going to finish bottom four.

Goldstein is very gettable, I guess for contenders this year who want a solid back-up ruckman.

Curnow, Ed 32 C 89 89
Goldstein, Todd 33 R 86 87
Hawkins, Tom 33 F 76 76
Shiels, Liam 30 C 84 88
Shuey, Luke 31 C 88 92
Walters, Michael 31 FC 62 79
Ward, Callan 31 C 83 87

I won’t be contending this year.
You might find a decent fifth mid or sixth forward here if you consider yourself in the top six to eight teams.

Would like to be active in this trade period but have traded out of the first two rounds already which may be problematic. Keepers are by and large locked away with 21 fighting for 20 spots, but always happy to hear offers. Will be hoping to contend again so some players will naturally be harder to move than others.

Cockatoo (F), Johannisen (FB), Lester B, D Lloyd (F) and Dahlhaus (F) all available for anyone wanting to squeeze any into keepers.

Robbie Gray FC, Rhys Stanley R, Dan Hannebery C are on the fringes of keeper spots as well and may have some currency.

I have excess draft picks.
I’m willing to part with…
Pick 74
Pick 92
Pick 107
Pick 122
Pick 126
Pick 128
Pick 164
@Awesome_Scotty you usually go for draft picks.

Keepers but willing to discuss…
Jed Anderson is up for grabs.
Brayden Fiorini can be had as well.
I’m not sure what I want for them. Could be upgrade of draft picks or players.

In the mix for my last few keeper spots…
I may wait a bit until I see some NAB form, so don’t expect a fire sale.
Zane Trew
Ned Reeves
Callum Wilkie
Finn Maginess
Connor West
James Peatling

These guys are being delisted…
I doubt anyone is interested but may as well list them.
Leo Connolly
Adam Kennedy
Colin O’Riordan
Just Farrar

I dont have a lot to offer, but Hayden Crozier, John Noble & Trent Dumont may be nice backup for a contender.

Zak Williams and/or Luke McDonald are available. I don’t to move both on but would be willing for the right trade/s.

I expect Williams to bounce right back this year as Fark Carlton have realised he is a HB and will play him there and Mcdonald is a good HB/C now that Norf half realised he is not a tagger.

I might be bold and just list the 18 players I wrote down…

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Oh well, screw it.

These are the players I’m interested in.

Dunlop - Darcy Tucker
Stoops - Luke Jackson, Isaac Quaynor
Awesome Scotty - Sam Flanders, Will Day
Trotters - James Jordan, Tom Sparrow
Jefferson - Riley Thilthorpe
Smoten - Jack Petrucelle
Mad Bomber - Dylan Moore
Wezza - Will Power,
Goodthur - Jarrod Berry, Nik Cox, Darcy Fogarty, Caleb Serong
Blummers - Oscar Allen, Jeremy Sharp, Deven Robertson
Dill - Tarryn Thomas
Saladin - pretty much your entire list

If you like any of my players or draft picks, drop me a line.
A couple of coaches have already told me I’m dreaming, and if you’d like to join them then that would be lovely, too.


I am a little more open to trading, I would love to get a bit higher in the first round (currently pick #8). Looking through my list I have (an unfortunate reliance on Collingwood players) some quality stalwarts such as Brodie Grundy, Luke Parker, Seb Ross and Brayden Maynard.
We have some highly ranked kids like Braeden Campbell, Connor Downie, Dylan Moore
Some guaranteed first choice players for their feeder teams such as Jeremy Cameron, Harris Andrews, Tim Membrey, Gryan Miers and Jarman Impey.
Some gambles Ben Cunnington, Jeremy Howe and Jack Darling and coach’s pet Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti. Will they play? If they do the first two are almost certain to score very well. Darling should be very much in the frame to become the focal point in attack for the Eagles.

Grundy is approaching his prime and I am sure will want to show everyone that he is the best ruck in the comp after Max Gawn led his Demons to the AFL Premiership last season. It will take a fair bit to get him away from the Crunchas.

I would say other than Grundy and Walla the rest of my list should be somewhat ‘gettable’.

Talk to me, brother.

I wish you had a higher pick. I will look at your list though.

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If I did this last year I definitely would have.
Oh well.

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You probably wont want to hear this but I am really only keen on Draper or Jake Lloyd. Jake Lloyd might be a bit old for when I anticipate my list to be a serious contender again.

Eh. C’est la vie.

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I love your style!
None of the above for now.
I need to be patient with Allen. I wasn’t with Josh Kennedy (the WCE one) and let him go for very little (for memory). Or maybe it was just a bad trade.

I may be easier swayed mid year or at the end of the year. With my current picks, some good youngsters will end up being squeezed out sometime soon.

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If anyone has any forwards up for trade, let me know.
Also wouldn’t mind some backs.
My picks/players are all on offer.

I have an overflow of talented 90-100+ scoring mids on the table, including but not limited to:
Ben Keays
Cam Guthrie
Jaeger O’Meara
Sam Menegola
Tom Liberatore
Hugh Greenwood
Tom Phillips

So I still have a lot of old fellas, particularly mids, on the board.

Ed Curnow 89 (shame about Walsh)
Liam Shiels 84
Luke Shuey 88
Callan Ward 83

Does your fifth mid average mid eighties?
I don’t think they do.

Come on down to Crazy Wims and let’s talk kids averaging 20 less or draft picks.
Who you gonna get with those picks in the draft?
A mid eighties C?
I don’t think so.

Also, got last years Coleman medalist just sittin’ here with his four tons last year…

Oh, and if you think these guys are going to the draft then think again.
Might be a fun old time in the next trade period.

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Never leave ya old fella’s on the chopping board, gents.



Not expecting any interest at all, but most/all of this lot are likely to be dropped into the draft pool. Our whole list is youngish and we’re basically trying to guess which ones to keep, lol.

J Waterman