2023 FF Original Trade Bait/Discussion Thread

I wouldn’t think there’d be any interest in any of these but just in case there is, I’ll take whatever you offer:

Shaun Higgins - F
Darcy Cameron - RF
Michael Hurley - B
Jordan Roughead - B
Sam Frost - B
Travis Colyer - F
Alex Keath - B
Stef Martin - R
Kyle Hartigan - B

Hi all - i have finally managed to spend some time looking at the list I am now managing. The key message is that I am looking for a reset. Therefore the older premium players on my list will be gettable for the right value. My preference is an mature for young trade but happy to deal in picks. The particularly attractive players on my list that I would trade include:

  • Jack Crisp
  • Taylor Adams
  • Stephen Coniglio
  • Toby Nankervis
  • Brodie Smith
  • Devon Smith

Other players that may be of value and that are up for trade include:

  • Toby McLean
  • Josh Bruce
  • Tom Lynch (Richmond)
  • Orazio Fantasia
  • Aaron Francis
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Probably no viable way to get anything done, but I wish I’d realised /asked if Hayden Young was available.

If you had have told me at the start of trade period that Jackson and Young would go from my side I would have been shocked, think basically said as much to Wim in his first PM to me at start of the trade period. A couple of compelling offers though for a team in the window were probably too good to refuse…


I’ll place Jamarra Ugle Hagan on the trade table if it gets me a decent high pick.
I’ve had some discussions for him, but nothing that has interested me at this point.

If it’s not already evident, I’m cleaning out my older players to reset the team. Any offers will be considered.

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I’m willing to part with my excess picks…
Pick 128
Pick 164

Keepers but willing to discuss…
Jed Anderson is up for grabs.
Brayden Fiorini can be had as well.
I’m not sure what I want for them. Could be upgrade of draft picks or players.

Jamarra Ugle Hagan is available for a high draft pick.

Unless they smash AAMI Comp, these guys will be delisted…
Finn Maginess
Connor West
James Peatling

These guys are being delisted, but I doubt anyone is interested…
Leo Connolly
Adam Kennedy
Colin O’Riordan
Just Farrar

I think I’m mostly done in this trade period.

That being said, I’m open to trading my early pick 22 (or other picks) for anyone looking to get draft picks. Preferably I’m looking for a mature scoring player in return.

Any and all of my players are up for trade and can use in addition with my pick 22 to find an improved keeper.

I’ll leave loading up to others, so I’m interested in picks in the event any of these interest:

Players with upside that could be of interest to developing sides:

Fogarty, Lachie (FC) 67 - has a 120, 2 90s and a 80 in there
Strachan, Kieran ( R ) 74 - ROB trying his best to lose #1 ruck spot per Crow fans
Taylor, Curtis (FC) 60 - looks like receiving more wing time
West, Rhylee (FC) 15 - 103 average at VFL level
Williams, Bailey J. (FR) 36 - Simmo’s already said they won’t be rucking Allen, so he’ll be best 22

9th-10 rd gamble
Brown, Ben (F) 62 - 5 goals on the weekend and has had a full pre-season unlike last year, so may return to being that plug-and-play 70 ave

I’m not using these picks so these are up for trade.
Pick 128
Pick 164

At the moment I’m looking to bundle them up for 1 player.
So if you have a player that I like who isn’t a keeper, here’s your best shot at those picks.

Otherwise I’ll try and use them to upgrade earlier picks on the weekend.

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Worth nothing, but 155, 163, 173 also available if anyone just needs picks.

A few more options:

Conor Nash (FC) 61 - 3 90s; Stoops is scared of him
Will Setterfield (C) 60
Sam Taylor (B) 64 - 3 100s and averaged 88 in his junior year, so there should still be upside there

In the unlikely event, picks 162, 177 & 180 would be of use to you, they’re available as well.



Final 2 cuts:

Mitch Lewis - 6th rd - Pick 140 with be packaged with Lewis. Not suitable for those clubs with boxers.
RCD - anything above 140 pared with 140.

Also available Will Setterfield - likes long walks on the beach, quiet moments and is looking for an attentive coach.

I have pick 22 on the table for a worthy best 20 forward.

I would have thought someone who liked long walks on the beach would like playing at the Seagulls?

LOL. No beach anywhere near Sunbury unfortunately for Setts.

If anyone has a good scoring forward, 10 year future ruck Tom De Koning is on the table. Make me an offer before the deadline and all offers considered.

noble still on the table

Charlie Cameron available if there’s interest.