2023 Injury updates and news

You are a funny bastard, Nino.



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Yeah definitely some of Llyod’s best work

Cant wait till Peter takes one reckon the roof at Marvel will blow off

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Jones no doubt still having foot issues…



Might be easier to keep a list of non-injured players

Curnow took 4-5 years to get over injuries, that means Jones has plenty more time. He’s 21!

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Curnow did his acl if im not mistaken

Every team gets injuries. Just have to deal with it. He’s professional and will be back in January if so… Have to get used to it. We’re not winning finals for another year or two, enjoy watching young players develop and the team start to build chemistry on the road to success in a few years. Perspective…

I understand that but how can the team bond and get chemistry when our best players are constantly injured or rehabing


At least that always seems to be the answer with my team.

5 seperate knee injuries (at least)

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As I said, every team gets injuries. There’s no rush on Jones. Or Wright.

De Goey had operation today, out til January. Daicos is walking laps only today. Welsh / Hewitt out til January back issues. It is what it is.

It’s a marathon. Again, we’re unlikely making top 8 in 2023. 2023 about finding structure, best positions, playing young players and building chemistry. Throughout, most players will miss games along the way. There’s no point in losing perspective and dwelling on the small stuff. As Scott said, there will be ups and downs and bumps Along the way. Hopefully Jones gets 14-15 games in 2023, if he doesn’t then so be it. Glass half full, Weiderman gets opportunity to cement a spot.

I like the potential of 2MP and Weiderman forming our fwd line. Then the little blokes. But it needs Voss, Baldwin et al to provide some brutality and fear. The opposition need to know hurt will come if they get in the way!

So, if it is a hammy for 2MP, would that potentially impact round one?

How far away is rd1 and how long does it take to recover from a normal hammy? You will get your answer from that


But this is not just a hammy it’s an Essendon hammy!


nek minute Murphy after the christmas break.

Murphy “Yeah Peter did a hammy which is unfortunate we thought it was on the minor side but scans showed us that it’s a tear and will miss a few weeks which puts him in doubt for rnd 1”

Remember when the club said nothing about Hookers absence during pre season only to tell fans on the eve of the season that he was struggling with a calf all summer and was in doubt for rnd 1 lols amateurs our fitness department