2023 Mid Season Draft - Wednesday May 31 2023

Is sam baulderstone still a thing.

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Kialla, if he doesn’t deserve an opportunity yet then why has he been selected as an emergency already ?
He’s more ready than what Jones was when he was getting games earlier in the season.
I guess we’ll just see how it plays out but don’t be surprised if he leaves for more opportunity if he doesn’t get it with us, he’s not playing 2 years in the VFL waiting for a gig.


Our list lacks talent across the board? Name names then genius.

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We’ll pick him up right after we draft Ash Eames.

Getting about $1k per week playing country footy last I heard

How about the last 6 or so?

He has had 2 games with 15+ and 7 marks one in which he kicked 3.

Then 1 games the team got smashed and the ball was lucky to get in our half, hard to get the ball as a forward when your getting belted

The other we gave a tiny yelp and he kicked a goal and had 6 tackles despite poor delivery and a lot of attention.

It’s not bad form by any stretch

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I’m sold on Jack Buller for our mid season pick. 199cm strong FF who can clunk it around the ground and go into the ruck. Could develop into a handy 2nd ruck option with his forward ability

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Buller looks a good kick, mark and size. Body stregth looks good. Could be a worthwhile pick in the MSD. Well spotted Chef!


Voss had a good start to the season, but at the same time we were winning in the AFL, and even without Wright we were scoring well. There was no pressure for change. Sadly after that Voss did not have the same output and when we probably needed some more forward strength, Voss had dropped off. Even when we lost 4 in a row, we were scoring quite well. It was in defence and the midfield we needed help and that’s not Voss. Beerme had the right idea when he said in his response to you, “For some, the acknowledgment that a player deserves a game will align directly with when they are selected.” and that’s spot on. Don’t stop being an enthusiastic promoter of Voss for his time will come.

I don’t watch much WAFL but I thought he was pretty ordinary in the State game

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If I was the club, I wouldn’t take a player just because we can. The club should use the extra player salary and additional costs that are probably come with an extra number on the list and send me a large cheque to help with my mortgage repayments.


Not as great but still solid, more so than Jones who wasn’t getting near it in the ones but was still being selected

West Coast will take him i reckon local lad

Very possible of course. The issue is, do they need cover in other positions more than they need a CHF? By that l mean they could take someone else before him, which means that he then becomes available for another team to take.

Casalini was very good today. Would love to see him get a gig somewhere.

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Herald Sun…

Wednesday’s mid-season draft because it was looming as a bit of a non-event. There’s not a whole lot of talent exciting recruiters, although West Coast should get a nice player if they take Ryan Maric at No.1 as expected. The third tall forward whose got speed and can mark it has trimmed down from 107kg to 83kg while the mail is Hawthorn will go for Ethan Stanley, who Hawks’ head of development Andy Collins rates. Geelong is likely to recruit ex-Swans ruckman Sam Naismith while Ben Jepson has interest from the Eagles if they take a second player and possibly Essendon earlier. But the Bombers are hard to get a read on. Did they speak to Dreamtime hero Sam Durham before taking him two years ago?


Another HBF?


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