2023 Mid Season Draft - Wednesday May 31 2023

Well we actually do need a running half back.

Heppell and Hind are filling that role now, could use an upgrade.

Jury still out on Mass and Lord will be cut at the end of the year.


A small forward is more pressing need imo

We have Mcgrath and Redman as running backs and one of Mass or Hind for depth

Small forward is probably our position with the most depth right now.


Melbourne will take Buller


What about a key back thats 100kg we dont have one to take on the gorrlias like Hawkins,Mckay etc

North may jump first imo

You can’t draft what isn’t available. There’s no point bringing in a D grade KPD, just to say we have one. My preference is just to take the best available, whatever that happens to be. I’d prefer a player who is able to play at the top level than a spud who fills a need on paper.


Who ever we draft we cant keep ingnoring the need for a key back when Mckay and Curnow get a hold of us Blitz will whinge

Here’s my MSD top 11 predictions
Pick 1 west coast- Ryan Maric
Pick 2 north- Jack Buller
Pick 3 hawks- ethan Stanley
Pick 4 GWS- Hanson jr
Pick 5 tigers- el nou
Pick 6 suns- omac
Pick 7 blues- teal/cahill (shocker I know)
Pick 8 Sydney- tucker
Pick 9 Essendon (for now)- Quinton Narkle ( could go to the blues at 7)
Pick 10 crows- Caslini
Pick 11 cats - Naismith

Open to feedback and don’t have a lot of knowledge on midseason drafts so please don’t crucify me lol


We very clearly haven’t been ignoring the need for a key back


Reid constanly injured and a bean pole

We cant put all our hope in reid basket

We very clearly haven’t

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I’d give Casalini a go personally if we are after a forward option. Gives me real strong Ash Johnson vibes whenever I see him play and he could come in instantly at the top level and have impact IMO


Does that actually matter? We’ve got the KPD options on our list, we’ve just got to wait a couple of years. Investing limited draft or trade capital into more key defenders just means we end up with a massive surplus in 2 years time.

We aren’t winning the GF this year. Last thing we should be doing is short term thinking.

Edit - We’ve got BZT, Reid, Ridley, Laverde, Baldwin, Hayes and Cox. Worst case we bring in a free agent if those all fail.


Whats wrong woth getting a stop gap to fill in until reid is ready

Because it means we don’t address other needs on the list

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A stop gap means you miss an opportunity to bring in someone of long term value. There’s an opportunity cost for every short term patch job we do.


We have one in Reid for longterm also Hayes

Swans will take McDonald anyway so option won’t be there

McCartin out for season and doubt on his footy future, they need Oscar in

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We need a half-back and Tall Forward or half forward with size 185cm +

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