2023 Mid Season Draft - Wednesday May 31 2023

An outside mid under 180cm please.

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If Reid and Hayes are the future we have stopgaps. You can tell by the way Reid and Hayes aren’t playing and we still field tall backs.


Yep. Between Reid, Hayes and Cox we need to find one genuine long-term tall back. Then we have Zerk as the other tall stopper, plus Ridley as the floating 3rd interceptor, and Lav/Baldwin if we need them (I assume McBride will be heading back to potatoland this October)


21 year old key forward Jaiden Hunter kicked 5 today, has 11 from 3 games back from an ACL. Huge talent


Good, he’s ■■■■ anyway

Dodoro will be livid at these weekend results meaning we don’t get a good pick this week.


Buller and teal are the two I’m keen on, but both won’t be at our pick

I think you mean “neither” or we could get the other one.

I like the look of him, has a bit of the crameri’s about him.


Main needs are wing depth, fwd/rck, defensive defenders who can rebound depth, and another big defensive midfielder as depth.

I’ve no clue on Teal, but I think a 190cm player who can play tight on small and medium forwards while be a good kick/user would be a no-brainer for the list. Seems to be several candidates such as Teal and Jepson.

Anyone who can do this will be long gone by our pick. KF/ruck candidates are rare as hen’s teeth.

Lord, Heppel, Montgomerie and Hind all have question marks. Some here question Mass.

Another quality defender could be useful depth. Especially if they can lock down, or provide relief on the wing.


I honestly love Monty and wouldn’t have been sad in anyway if he had of got a game when Lav was out

Edwards got picked by Norf…thats where it went wrong for him

Vale Ryan Maric…

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Meets the Essendon KPP requirements.

Young - check
Talented - check
Injury prone - check



A shame you’d assume tigers grab him.

Comes from a good home
Went to a sky fairies school
Can spell Gatorade backwards

Dodoro usually gets the mid-season drafts right. Just hope it isn’t a tall pencil-thin defender this year.

@CJohns some confusion in your pod last night James Jordon is still a dees player and not available for the mid season draft. Maybe post season we would consider.