2023 Round 2 Changes vs Gold Coast

In: W.Snelling, K.Baldwin, M.Guelfi, M.D’Ambrosio
Out: A.McDonald-Tipungwuti (soreness)


Weed likely fit and stays in hence not rushing Stringer back in. Guelf a like for like replacement as the sub for the now out Tippa. I think that may be all the change we make.


Of the Eight, I’d play Phillips, Guelfi, Martin and Menzie. Medical sub ? Langers.
If Weed doesn’t come up fit, there’s always Baldwin. But that leaves D’Ambrosio out in the cold. Maybe HE should be medical sub ?

i just wanna win


Blitz says no i want Reid wah

Club says No…Reid still weeks away from playing…bad luck Blitz

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You would think with Tippa out, they would go like for like and bring in Guelfi

Sadly I think Hep will be in the team for the majority of the season

I think he means Harley Reid…


How the two named squads compare in terms of age and AFL experience:


Jeez… I had no idea Casboult was that old.

He meant Archer Reid at pick 18

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Well he’s still going to be unhappy then, isn’t he?

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Spot on my friend

So you want to lose now?? I can’t keep up

Blitz wants us to lose not me

I’m tipping someone a late out - maybe Heppell or Weideman - and Stringer a late in

We are so getting fined

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Langford was brilliant last match. No way he’s the sub.


So we can expect the commentators to keep crapping on about how young GCS is all game ( and after).