2024 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Anyone looking for mid field back up should feel free to make an offer for mason wood (81) or seb ross(69).

Indeed wood is capable of throwing up big scores.

James aish 82.3 m/d may be of interest to

If a coaches’ strategy is to acquire picks for players than that is for them to decide and not for anyone else to cry sour grapes over it because they missed out themselves on said players, or don’t like my team trying to improve. It’s not a coincidence that the more successful clubs turn their lists over in trades whilst those that sit on their hands, stagnate. And for reference, it’s not even close to being as lopsided as half the other trades that regulary go through in these comps without people blinking an eye, Blummers a 15 year vet of these comps, traded Bergman who averages 7 points less than Redman for just a 5th Round pick. I traded a 2nd and two 3rd picks, significantly better. Many other examples. A ruck averaging 121 went for basically a single later first round pick. Whitfield went for (on projections) an end of Round 1 and 2 pick and he is signficantly better than Redman etc. And for your reference, I suckered no one in and sold no lemons, I literally asked the question and he agreed, simple as that.

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Yep, I’ve nothing but praise for Craze in these comps, he throws out tonnes of ideas in most trade periods, you evaluate if they do / don’t work for your list and needs, and go from there. I’m a bit more of a drafter, he turns over big numbers of trades, different methods but no one forces an unwanted outcome. And if Ace wants to be out of the draft inside the first 100 picks, he’s just made that much more possible with three extra selections in the first 54.


Oh rightio trade period is open again hey


Yes it has been for 15 days!

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When will the msd players land? App won’t let me change my line up because of the empty slot

I will update tomorrow afternoon. Also will do the same for traded players.

@Speedy_Gonzales its up to you in the mid season draft if you want anyone.

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Are the results for R13 confirmed? It appears as if my total score includes my emergency defender Campbell (8) and not Bergman’s average score (73), as Port had the bye last weekend. Got no idea if I won or lost my match-up…

No they don’t have bye scores added yet I believe.

BBFFL#2 Round 13 Results
redbull 1559 Defeated Don to Death 1132
saladin 1443 Defeated The Melkman 1407
Aceman 780 Lost to Crazy Bomber 1416
kj_11 1153 Defeated Smooth 1127
AVanderScreamer 1072 Defeated frosty 1053
The Ant 1124 Defeated cafegerat 1121
Speedy_Gonzales 1340 Defeated Trotters 1332
TrevorBix 1295 Defeated Ivan 1158
Stoops 1585 Defeated nozza 1172

BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 13

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I’ll Pass in the MSD , @redbull .

@Trotters is up.

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Traded players and Mid Season draft players are now allocated to their correct team

BBFFL#2 Round 14 Bye Scorers

Player Round 14 Bye Score BBFFL#2 Coach
Matthew Kennedy 71 Aceman
Nik Cox 56 Aceman
Ben McKay 51 Aceman
Ben King 53 Aceman
Bayley Fritsch 53 Aceman
Ryan Maric 36 Aceman
Jai Culley 50 Aceman
Oliver Hollands 55 AVanderScreamer
Archie Perkins 79 AVanderScreamer
Matt Rowell 98 AVanderScreamer
Mac Andrew 71 AVanderScreamer
Jed Walter 34 AVanderScreamer
Oisin Mullin 47 AVanderScreamer
Shannon Neale 55 AVanderScreamer
Jake Bowey 64 AVanderScreamer
Ed Langdon 75 AVanderScreamer
Charlie Curnow 77 cafegerat
Jayden Laverde 57 cafegerat
Andrew McGrath 87 cafegerat
Jack Lukosius 66 cafegerat
Nick Holman 43 cafegerat
Tom Stewart 80 cafegerat
Tom Atkins 73 cafegerat
Jack Viney 91 cafegerat
Christian Petracca 90 cafegerat
Jack Billings 61 cafegerat
Jack Petruccelle 52 cafegerat
Andrew Gaff 49 cafegerat
Jamie Cripps 73 cafegerat
George Hewett 80 Crazy Bomber
Sam Walsh 110 Crazy Bomber
Jye Caldwell 87 Crazy Bomber
Jye Menzie 42 Crazy Bomber
Jade Gresham 58 Crazy Bomber
Ben Long 54 Crazy Bomber
Jeremy Cameron 83 Crazy Bomber
Brodie Kemp 71 Don to Death
Sam Durham 78 Don to Death
Kyle Langford 67 Don to Death
Gryan Miers 85 Don to Death
Caleb Windsor 57 Don to Death
Jordan Boyd 65 frosty
Jacob Weitering 68 frosty
Jack Carroll 37 frosty
Elijah Tsatas 37 frosty
Charlie Ballard 56 frosty
Ben Ainsworth 65 frosty
Lachie Fogarty 57 Ivan
Matt Guelfi 63 Ivan
Joel Jeffrey 70 Ivan
Will Graham 64 Ivan
Zach Guthrie 76 Ivan
Trent Rivers 77 Ivan
Jacob van Rooyen 53 Ivan
Judd McVee 58 Ivan
Tom Cole 65 Ivan
Reuben Ginbey 64 Ivan
Todd Goldstein 61 kj_11
Jack Hutchinson 28 kj_11
Alex Witherden 61 kj_11
Mark O’Connor 59 nozza
Mitch Duncan 83 nozza
Tom Hawkins 54 nozza
Rhys Stanley 53 nozza
Brad Close 58 nozza
Tom McDonald 61 nozza
Tom Barrass 55 nozza
Adam Saad 71 redbull
Alex Cincotta 39 redbull
Harrison Jones 50 redbull
Ned Moyle 79 redbull
Bailey Humphrey 48 redbull
Jack Bowes 76 redbull
Brady Hough 57 redbull
Elliot Yeo 90 redbull
Blake Acres 91 saladin
Nic Martin 109 saladin
Jake Stringer 65 saladin
Peter Wright 68 saladin
Sam Flanders 114 saladin
Sam Clohesy 72 saladin
Sam De Koning 45 saladin
Kysaiah Pickett 68 saladin
Patrick Cripps 96 Smooth
Jordan Ridley 106 Smooth
Tanner Bruhn 72 Smooth
Bailey Laurie 29 Smooth
Harrison Petty 41 Smooth
Bailey J. Williams 59 Smooth
Campbell Chesser 41 Smooth
Dyson Heppell 78 Speedy_Gonzales
Sam Collins 57 Speedy_Gonzales
Oliver Dempsey 68 Speedy_Gonzales
Max Gawn 121 Speedy_Gonzales
Alex Neal-Bullen 78 Speedy_Gonzales
Steven May 77 Speedy_Gonzales
Dom Sheed 45 Speedy_Gonzales
Elijah Hollands 68 Stoops
Tom De Koning 85 Stoops
Matthew Owies 47 Stoops
Jake Kelly 62 Stoops
Alex Sexton 90 Stoops
Noah Anderson 105 Stoops
David Swallow 40 Stoops
Christian Salem 82 Stoops
Jack Darling 54 Stoops
Jake Waterman 85 Stoops
Harry McKay 86 The Ant
Brayden Fiorini 75 The Ant
Jake Kolodjashnij 57 The Ant
Tyson Stengle 66 The Ant
Mark Blicavs 65 The Ant
Liam Ryan 50 The Ant
Jamaine Jones 53 The Ant
Nic Newman 95 The Melkman
Lachlan Cowan 53 The Melkman
Mitch McGovern 71 The Melkman
Zac Williams 65 The Melkman
Nick Hind 54 The Melkman
Touk Miller 93 The Melkman
Max Holmes 99 The Melkman
Bodhi Uwland 60 TrevorBix
Thomas Berry 54 TrevorBix
Jhye Clark 43 TrevorBix
Tom Sparrow 68 TrevorBix
Blake Howes 55 TrevorBix
Kade Chandler 62 TrevorBix
Matt Flynn 74 TrevorBix
Zach Merrett 109 Trotters
Will Setterfield 99 Trotters
Clayton Oliver 84 Trotters
Liam Duggan 96 Trotters
Jeremy McGovern 81 Trotters

Free Agents
Corey Durdin 31
Jack Henry 47
Gary Rohan 31
Daniel Turner 42
Harry Edwards 41

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I’ll pass too.

Not sure who is up next.

I think it’s you @Stoops

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Mason Wood with another tonne. Remain open to offers.

Looking for good pick (s) or a quality injured player

Ditto aish