2024 FF Original Discussion Thread

I like it

One thing about that rule adjustment though.

The idea of the rule is to help fill your 18, not restrict other coaches from filling theirs.

There may be some instances where a coach claims a player on FA night, then doesn’t pick him up. This could be that they just forgot or everyone they were intending to drop ended up being selected and they wanted to keep those players instead. I need some rules around it because another coach in the priority order below your pick may have wanted the player you claimed and used him that round, but couldn’t because you got in first.

We can either just accept that this can happen (hopefully it is minimised) or put some rules around it so that a particular player isn’t blocked from making their way onto another coaches list.

Personally, I don’t have time to check whether coaches are picking up the players they claimed at FA or not.

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I feel we could simply go: if you put a claim in and secure the player, you HAVE to drop someone and pick up the bid on player.


How about, if you don’t, the free agent’s score replaces the lowest eligible (C, F, B…) first 18 player’s score, regardless of whether the free agent plays or not.

Or is that too difficult?

Edit: I hadn’t really considered…I guess you’d call it predatory recruiting.
This feels like the cursed frozen yoghurt.

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I thought of that, but it creates a rule about ‘what happens when someone doesn’t’ and then requires someone to monitor it weekly.
Sometimes I can do it, but most other times I can’t.

I’m barely getting a chance to look at who I want to pick up weekly, let alone monitoring what other coaches are doing.

I used to spend at least an hour a week from the Monday after the round looking through the reserves comp scores and seeing who I want to pick up. Now that’s down to 5 minutes at 9pm the night of FAs.

Maybe we could do something really nuanced which is if a player is left on FAs who wasn’t picked up and has played, the coach who put a request in and missed out can claim that score for that round only. And that player is available in the next weeks FAs if possible?

Probably more scoring admin than necessary, but may help teams navigate injury problems.


Let’s trial it. I can do the checks for FA on Mondays.

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Who the hell decided to play a game at 5pm on a Friday…

17 players on the field. Hopefully no late changes and no one gets named sub

Bloody hell, if i’d known Comben was going to tonne up in defence I’d have put him in my forward line!


Shiels made sub and now Burgoyne made sub.


I’m disappoint. Rozee was on track for 180 at half time. :tired_face:

I’m a tad perplexed about the Cats dropping Conway.
Doesn’t affect my scoring as Max is in, just seems odd after a good game

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I’m freaking perplexed about how I’m competitive all of a sudden.

I haven’t gotten good.
Everyone else has gotten bad.

I feel weird and bad about winning, because I look at my list and go…wut?


Same here.
But once the injury bug hits me, I’ll be free falling.

There’s going to be a lot of ebbs and flows this season.


Left at least 50 on the bench plus FA’s Mitchell’s mid 30.
Could be the difference.

I’ll give you a first and a second for a positive ebb and/ or flow

I’m not taking that deal.
I used those picks on Arnie Schoenmaker and Ethan Phillips.
I’m better off when I trade my early picks…

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I’d offer my ebbs and flows, but fairly certain they’ve been cursed by the fantasy gods

Hope I’ve done that late switch right and that it’s okay.
Bird in the hand, and all that…

Yze being one of those flog coaches who debuts a kid as sub is very disappointing. McAuliffe 24 after not getting a run until after three quarter time is both promising, and annoying.

Playing 2 and 3/4’s short this week has made it impossible to stick with Blummers. Too good.