2024 FF Original Discussion Thread

FAs have been processed.

A few notes:

  • @AVanderScreamer. You sent in 2 PMs. I allowed both as it was clear they were two separate lists. You still missed out on both players.
  • @saladin. You didn’t state how many players you want. You can only reneg on Alwyn Davey Jnr as Ben Long was bid on by someone after your pick.
  • @Awesome_Scotty. Same deal. You can renew on Jiath, Blight, McInnes and Starcevich.
  • @Allblack. Same deal. You can renew on Menzie.

Just let me know if you want to take these guys. The above have been marked as TBA -#? for reference until you confirm.

A reminder that if you don’t state the number of players you want to pick up, you can only clarify and choose not to pick up players that haven’t been bid on by other coaches.

We are back to Thursday night FAs next week. Hallelujah.

Best of luck to all the coaches.
I’m going to need a volunteer for bye scores this week. It’s the easiest one to volunteer for because there’s only two teams with byes.

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No, that’s fine, I was happy to take all three or I would have noted otherwise.


Sorry All I’ll be one short this week in defence, should have known and tried to access Free Agency. Had a couple of big days at work is the reason I didn’t get to it yesterday.

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I want to take Aliir’s bye score off the table by taking him out of my side and letting Short’s score (on my bench) last night count. I tried to do that after the game but I could not do so. Is it possible to be done?

The app locks bye players in position for some reason.
You can do it through a browser / desktop.

I am on the browser. Will try it now.

I think I have done it.




A few error today.
I could swear I benched Jumaine Jones to take Liam Jones score last night. Have had to bench Alex Pearce instead.
Misses McMullin being sub. He’s an emergency, but I’d have preferred bringing Walter’s in instead of him. In the end he outscored the Callum Brown.

Not sure what the bye scores look like, but I’m a bit behind @Allblack at the moment.

I think you made an error there or missed something.
You can’t take Short’s score because you didn’t put him down as an emergency. So by taking Aliir out of your 18, you get a 0 in the backline.

First pass of scores for this round.

Please check your scores.

Bomber Pride Red and Blacks
AFL Fantasy Score 823 939 AFL Fantasy Score
Kane Farrell 76 94 Dan Houston
Luke Ryan 113
Jeremy Sharp 81
Jason Horne-Francis 90
Final Score 1183 1033 Final Score
topdon’s donkeys Arizona Trotters
AFL Fantasy Score 971 1154 AFL Fantasy Score
Andrew Brayshaw 102 69 Nat Fyfe
Connor Rozee DNP 59 Darcy Byrne-Jones
James Aish 82
Dante Visentini DNP
Final Score 1155 1282 Final Score
Mildura Crunchas SFNL Hotdons
AFL Fantasy Score 1081 1070 AFL Fantasy Score
Travis Boak 77 73 Miles Bergman
50 Michael Walters
Final Score 1158 1193 Final Score
Windy Dill Pimpinio Tigers HDFL
AFL Fantasy Score 1258 1187 AFL Fantasy Score
Heath Chapman 70 56 Brandon Walker
Jackson Mead 57 87 Willem Drew
Will Graham -48 -25 Ben McKay
Final Score 1337 1305 Final Score
Flanders Essington FC
AFL Fantasy Score 826 1077 AFL Fantasy Score
Luke Jackson 84 113 Caleb Serong
Bailey Banfield 68 72 Jase Burgoyne
83 Sean Darcy
-49 Liam Shiels
Final Score 978 1296 Final Score
Chiswick Cockatoos ExcitementMachines
AFL Fantasy Score 1240 1294 AFL Fantasy Score
Zak Butters 103
Kamdyn McIntosh -73
Final Score 1270 1294 Final Score
Singapore Bombers Mitcham Dons
AFL Fantasy Score 1177 868 AFL Fantasy Score
Jeremy Finlayson 60 49 Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
Josh Treacy 74 91 Ollie Wines
Ryan Maric -28
Final Score 1283 1008 Final Score
Knights of Columbus Conargo Bulls
AFL Fantasy Score 1168 1192 AFL Fantasy Score
Jaegar O’Meara 56 101 Jordan Clark
Sam Switkowski 68 101 Hayden Young
61 Todd Marshall
-28 Seamus Mitchell
-25 Jack Carroll
-60 Logan Morris
Final Score 1292 1342 Final Score
Sunbury Seagulls Saracens 1
AFL Fantasy Score 1281 1349 AFL Fantasy Score
Final Score 1281 1349 Final Score
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Lose to 13th with the 4th best score of the round, with one mid down (again) and bad selection (again).

Well done, WD.
Your mids are looking very good.

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Best score of the round?! Gonna assume that’s the first time that’s happened since I’ve had the squad.

It’s not a great score, mind you. And throw a blanket over a host of teams between 1280 and 1350.

Condolences to the Seagulls , a couple of big performances got us to the line

Critical win though, keeps us in the frame for the lower reaches of the 8.

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Short was on my bench as far as I could tell.

If I look at the matchup he is listed as the first guy on the bench, does that make him come in for Aliir? If not then keep Aliir’s score.

Can you add Goldstein’s score to mine please @Blummers32 thanks

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He has to be nominated as your emergency and will be marked as an E if so. Unfortunately, you can only nominate one E player per line (Def, Mid, Ruck, Fwd) .

Edit - looking at the match up page , I don’t think you’ve nominated anyone as emergencies.

Something weird is happening.
I’ve gone through a few of @The_Mad_Bomber scores previously and it does add the emergency listed player to his score even though I cannot see the pink emergency circle showing.
But this week it didn’t do it.

Another anomaly is that I can’t tell if a multi position emergency player has been selected for one position or the other. Most of the times, it’s a process of elimination and it works, but if you had two Mid/Fwd (one in mid and the other fwd) I wouldn’t know which goes where. That pink circle with the M signifying the position seems to only show up on the ‘my team’ part for each individual coach.

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topdon’s donkeys Arizona Trotters
AFL Fantasy Score 971 1154 AFL Fantasy Score
Andrew Brayshaw 102 69 Nat Fyfe
Connor Rozee DNP 59 Darcy Byrne-Jones
James Aish 82 94 Todd Goldstein
Dante Visentini DNP
Final Score 1155 1376 Final Score
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I’ll have to have a look at @The_Mad_Bomber ’s scores from each round and see how the emergencies work out and whether AFL Fantasy applies the replacements to the 18.

I think the adjusted score above will have to remain and MB loses the game. I think Short wasn’t named as an emergency prior to MB making the decision to ditch Aliir and even though I’m sure he knew what he was trying to do, he may have forgotten to put the emergency on Short given he didn’t have him in the 18 the round before.

I suspect if he did, the system would have automatically counted Short’s score even though I can’t see the emergency listing. From what I can tell, this only happens with MB’s team. The rest of the teams I see who the emergencies are (from memory).

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I’ve had a decent look and it appears @The_Mad_Bomber hasn’t named emergencies all year and there was no game where his bench scorers replaced a player in his 18 so I’m not sure which team I saw that occurring with and in which round.

The updated scores have been applied to AFL Fantasy.

Ladder has been updated.

Free agency night is this Thursday night.
It is another bye round so Gold Coast, Carlton, Geelong, Essendon, Melbourne and West Coast players are available for selection as long as they played in round 13.

If someone is available to volunteer with bye scores please do so. Otherwise, just check your game scores once I’ve done them and let me know if there are any problems.


Never named emergencies. I just assumed the top row of non players was my bench.

Sorry, that is just how I thought it worked. I am not doing DT only this comp and SC but I have not checked my team there for about 10 rounds, maybe more.

EDIT: Ah yes I see the ‘E’ people are referring to, I hadn’t noticed it till just now.