2024 Fixture (as it is “leaked” out)

Anyone got access to this article ?


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Yeah. Only real EFC takeaway is we want a King’s Birthday Eve game against Fark Carlton on the Sunday night. In summary:

  • North want Fark Carlton for Good Friday.
  • Split Round for Round 1 mooted, including 2 Sydney-based games, likely GWS v Collingwood.
  • Sydney v Melbourne the other R1 Sydney game likely.

Thought that was going to become an annual marquee match and that it was locked in


Good on Collingwood, it has chased a stand-alone interstate blockbuster with Sydney and a two week ‘stay’ in QLD for sometime. They’re certainly taking a leaf out of Sheeds book to ensure Collingwood is seen as a national brand, building its supporter base all around Australia. It also means Collingwood, with a national footprint, is more attractive to multinational corporate partners wanting a national promotional vehicle. This used to be Essendon dna.

I’m sad and frustrated we’ve lost our national focus and in many ways, disconnected from our national supporter base. We saw our vast army in Tassie and Perth in 2020 and there appeared an appetite to reconnect with them. The interest and drive has since fallen off the page. It was a wonderful period between 1993-2004 (ish) when we were genuinely a national brand with presence and connection all around Australia. We were the envy of the AFL with our fan engagement.

We’ve given to the likes of Collingwood who’re hungry to connect with its vast national following and build a new following around Australia. My hat goes off to them.


Sunday night?

People have school and work the next day

No, Kings Birthday Monday holiday next day. Same as this year. It’s was a great success.


Ahh yes you’re right

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Christ, the AFL’s gigantic boner over players and coaches coming up against their former clubs is actually disgusting and sickening


Fully expect us to be up against North Round 1…

Round 1 vs Geelong (GMHBA) - A
Round 2 vs Western Bulldogs (Marvel) 4:40pm Sunday - H
Round 3 vs Brisbane (Gabba) - A
Round 4 vs Port Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) - GATHER ROUND
Round 5 vs Collingwood (MCG) - H
Round 6 vs GWS (GS) - A

Just wait for it. ■■■■■.


ThE bEn McKaY gRudGe MaTcH

We inflict their first loss of the season and continue our streak against them sounds good to me.

lol you ■■■■■■■ know it will be true. Nothing more surer than Geelong requesting to open the season at GMHBA in front of the new stand against “big victorian opposition” which will be their bunnies

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And Pies will get the bottom five teams in the first 5 rounds.

Or Hawthorn (1984 Reunion?)

I’m already throwing up.

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Not Hawthorn round 1 again. Leave it until later in the season

Yep. We can’t even move a Michael Long statue.

I reckon Richmond will do the big club honours next year. No guarantee they will have a better year than us and I doubt they’d send us there twice in a row. They won’t send Carlton / Collingwood.