2024 Fixture (as it is “leaked” out)

I don’t think anyone has ever finished ninth on 13.5 wins.
fwiw, I agree with the projection, but it puts us sixth.

And also btw…
Our draw looks a lot less ‘difficult’ if we win the next five games.
Which we could.
Not saying we will, but we could.

Seems like it

AFL must be confident Essendon can continue this rise into the second half of the year by giving all these prime time slots.

These decisions would have been made on data collected.

I thought it was because a Friday night game would be a 5 day break for us, and we can’t have a 5 day break if the other team has 2 more days break than us.

So because Geelong play Friday, and we play the Sunday, a Friday match up was not allowed based on current rules.


One of Sheedys idea that hasnt worked

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I’m glad we have the hardest draw. I want us to earn finals and really deserve to be there. 2021 I felt we had a soft draw and we scraped in, whereas this year we get to really challenge ourselves in the backend of the season.

If we can beat Geelong, Melbourne, Collingwood and Carlton, we are genuine contenders. Lose all these games and lid is firmly back on.


Even a 2-2 split of those games says to me we can contend


It only hasn’t worked because Essendon weren’t at any point a capable team on field to ensure one of these games early on was a ‘blockbuster’ and a close finish.

Truth is, if in the early years one of these clashes was a top billing clash that produced a strong contest, it would’ve drawn 75-80k and as a result would’ve then taken off and be part of the landscape.

It had potential but it needed a blockbuster to support it.

Given formlines, Essendon crowds against Geelong have been very good all things being equal and I think the promo of the ‘Country Fedtival’ played a small but significant role in driving those strong crowds.

Melbourne are lucky they don’t have injuries because their depth drops off a cliff after Petracca, Oliver and Gawn.

With Ridley and Reid playing we will beat Collingwood.

Carlton I’m still on the fence with. Similar to Melbourne their depth is crap and if a couple of players don’t fire then they’ll struggle.

I think Melbourne is very winnable, it’s usually close and they haven’t thrashed us for so long

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Yep, I reckon we get Melbourne and the Klan. Unfortunately I see us dropping Geelong and FC.

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Splitting those 4 games at least 2-2 could be the difference between top 4 or not. Anything better than 2-2 top 4 is absolutely on.

When do tickets for Rd 17 onwards go on sale?

Yeah, it’s also how you lose, if you lose. The good teams seem to lose hard fought contests, whereas historically we get smashed. Another Port result and I’m off the bandwagon.

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