#21 Dyson "Go jam it” Heppell - 200th game this week (Part 1)

Respect for fronting up, but I found that cringe

I didn’t get the tear vibes either, felt like he just couldn’t be completely honest, which was frustrating him.

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Shiel is his best mate. Seriously some of you don’t understand you won’t get what you want from Heppell. He doesn’t think Shiel is the issue he thinks Rutten is.

That maybe true but I would bet the whole Club has seen it several times (and particularly after Lloyd’s comments) it would be going through the Club like a virus.

Heppell doesn’t get what Lloyd is saying. Which is perfect

He is saying Essendon is perfectly summarised by the Shiel incident. So Heppell saying he doesn’t understand what Lloyd was saying is perfect. That’s the problem Dyson, you don’t get it. That is why we are where we are.

It’s all so perfectly cyclical.


I get what your alluding to but he didn’t have to lie to protect himself.

Not having a go but is there a reason you always say Llyod instead of Lloyd? :joy:


Well said Lloydy. I agree 100%. The other bumbling turkeys dont have a clue. Give up a free! There will be no one caring about that when the aggression will pay us back in spades.

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Don’t even realise im spelling his name wrong it’s a habbit lols


Theres a hole in your spelling dear Nino, dear Nino



I like Lloyds response when Barret said “but you didn’t play anymore games after that”

Lloyd was like “we won by 10 goals and played in a final after that”


FC headline “Heppell’s bizarre response”.

Like a lot of people have said (myself included). They should not have sent Heppell out for that interview.

I love that you keep quoting that ad. I’ve just seen it twice in one ad break and I’m about ready to put something through the tv


Agree. Kudos to Heppell for fronting up to the interview.
As if he hadn’t seen the footage! Or heard of it.
Someone would have mentioned it.

I agree too. Why wasn’t Rutten in there at least with Heppell??

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■■■■ i hate add ■■■■ you scomo i didn’t vote for you

So you know Walker personally then?

Because he’s played in teams that are mediocre at best and pathetic at worst.

A discipline role…is that like beatings for players that don’t show heart?

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