#21 Dyson "Go jam it” Heppell - goes alright

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System can go jam it


Kingy was right, he doesn’t have a good position.

Forward line somewhere?

Isn’t that where vets go to play out their careers??

Ziebell, Boak, T Mitchell, Ablett…

Backline meh
Wing will get torched
Midfield get torched

He seems to rack up the kms. Not sure at what speed.

Could it be worse than playing back?

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Yes let’s Jam this thread to the max!

Personally I prefer Blueberry over Strawberry condiments.

I had to turn it off after he said he wouldn’t mention the names of leaders and they have a high performer focused leadership.

He’s ■■■■■■■ kidding himself.

I’ve never been more embarrassed by a captain.

How do we have 956290365 coaches at the club who replay vision to their midfield, forward or defensive coaching groups yet the captain is claiming he never saw the vision of the Parker incident.

If this is the case then Rutten should be sacked today. If Hepp is lying he should stand down now.


Just caught up with that interview. Yikes! He’s delusional if he thinks anyone is buying that. Truly cringeworthy.

The Parker footage is damning and he says nobody noticed it, I’ll bet Shiel did and Cutler is in the background the THIRD time Parker made the action. Delist Cutler immediately. Fkg pea heart. If I’d seen someone do that to my teammate I’d have charged him with the shoulder right into the sternum and jumper punched the fk outta him on the fkg turf. What a dog. Cutler looks the other way, WTF?! GTFO of my club Tom Cutler. FRO


Hutchy summarises the interview “emotional and fruity”

Pretty accurate.

Time for a new leader.
Who cares about the media ability of the next candidate

I just want a captain who leads by example on the field with desperation/ intensity

One of Lav or Redman I could get behind


If anyone has a link to the interview please post. I’m desperate to see the train wreck. Did Dys lie well enough to be as good as ScoMo?

The club are actually promoting it with a push notification lol


Cornes calling Heppell out. Media manager didn’t brief him on the Parker issue??

Also said that Heppell hasn’t spoken to Shiel, after what happened either.

Yeah I just got this app notification as well. They must be desperate :sweat_smile:

All good just got the ping. Watching this with pop corn and a beer.

I think I prefer the drug saga days.

That interview was worse than Dank sweating like a rapist on ABC


5 minutes in…what a load of waffle. Farking joke. A 10 year old wouldn’t believe in this shyte.

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people worried about a free and potential goal given away for retribution, what are you worried about losing by 64 points instead of 58 ?

read most of the replies in here. He may not be the biggest problem, but he is definitely a big part of why the club is in the position it is.

you’ve literally got people telling you you’re the laughing stock of the afl, like people actually pity us more than north and west cost, and you say it’s not what we want to be known as, and rattles of cliche after cliche.

as long as he remains captain, nothing is going to change. HE is the soft underbelly of a pitiful existence for this club has become now.


David King nailed it succinctly today. Nothing more needs to be said.


6 minutes…“we can turn around this…look at Dees etc”. Fark me. We’ve been shyte for 20 years! Fark off. Dys is the farking problem.



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