#21 Dyson "Go jam it” Heppell - goes alright

8 minutes “have not seen the vision at all”…yeah mate. Same as Dank saying no way it was TB4 but oops I dont have any records.

This is where the club invest their time - information game. It’s more important to the club to defend the indefensible. That interview was deplorable from a leader IMO.

10 minutes " enormous group of guys who are leaders helping me…build culture and environment". Well fark me, then we really need to sweep the lot from the Hanger. Deplorable.

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Did Hep drop the F word “On The Couch”?


Multiple times

So typical. They probably think it went great guns and we’re all gonna buy it and head to the Dreamtime game via the Bomber shop. Go Dons!!!



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He’s lost me with that interview.

Pack ya fucken bags and leave now.


3 times. SOLD

We should sack the social media team for this. Saying that they probably scripted the responses Dys rolled out.

Wtf is #Couch?


What a shyte show. About the only thing I give him credit for is showing up and taking the inevitable hits left right centre. Should have been X in the firing squad. I am done with this.

I give him 10/10 for fronting up, I give him 10/10 for being himself and his delivery minus the mates and ■■■■ thrown in there but that’s himself.

However, you could see he is at a loss too why these things are happening, and I don’t think he has been tight lipped either.

He doesn’t have the leadership support around him with McGrath ( think may request a trade ), also Merrett ( who seems disillusioned ).

He is very much loving Essendon and his mates but it’s a performance results sport and it goes much deeper than within the four walls of Essendon football club.


Not surprised they’re going hard promoting this on social as well as giving out a push notification via the EFC app. Can’t remember the last time I received an update from the EFC app in recent weeks even with the Hawks win. Club is in damage control and trying to deflect.


Dyson was the perfect captain for the situation we were in. We just went through a shytestorm and needed that gently, gently type of approach. Much like for the situation, Worsfold was perfect. The problem is we haven’t changed our mindset from that situation and are still concerned about not ruffling any feathers and it is destroying our club.


If this happens you can just burn the Hanger down and move back to Windy Hill.

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Yep good call Cornes. What a cluster Fark, any good media department would have been all over it


Most interesting part for me was when they were discussing why the low tackle numbers.

The discussion touched on “method” - in other words, game plan - and Heppell indicated it might be an issue.

This is on top of Merrett’s comments on radio re team meetings, game plan.

I have posted enough times this season on how bad and inexplicable our game plan is.

Seems to me Rutten has gotten feedback from his players and, like Knights, doesn’t like feedback.

We have played one truly good quarter of football - Q4 versus the Hawks - and I can honestly say we played nothing like that in nearly every other quarter this year. It was like we threw the “game plan” out.

If we have a captain and vice captain on the same page together - but not on the same page as the coach - regarding the game plan then little wonder we keep dishing up the drivel we keep dishing up.

Very hard to tackle when you deliberately leave the fat side of the ground unguarded, play a zone where guarding grass is more important than playing on an opponent and push forwards and backs so high up the ground that we are continually outnumbered at either end of the ground.


Hung out to dry and thrown under the bus are the cliches that leap to mind


Honestly what else is Heppell supposed to say?

Thought he spoke well.