#21 Dyson "Go jam it” Heppell - goes alright

spoke like a broken man

not sure he believes in the game plan. / defensive zone.

He was up against a hiding to nothing.

would have liked Lyon to ask Brown what he would have done if swans head hit lions player or parker incident happened to one of the players in his vicinity.

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Where & when was this?

About 5 minutes in Brown asks if the tackling is due to method or whether effort is lacking and Hepp’s response is:

“I guess the method part comes into it. Gives you a chance to actually be in a position to be able to tackle. Umm and it’s yeah, I guess that’s, that could be a main area where things are breaking down at times. Ummm but yeah, it, it, and also throughout stages where you’re going through periods like this sometimes you can try too hard, and in the end you end up making decisions that it looks like you’re not even trying. As funny as it sounds it can often come across that way.”



Hopefully when we play Sydney in 6 weeks someone targets Parker in the contest but gets it a little wrong, hits him high concusses him and breaks his cheekbone bad enough he needs surgery and then the player comes out and says he only did what the media wanted him to do last time.


Parker will be best on ground and it will be the final straw for all of us.


I just watched the interview from the App. I learned nothing; in fact if I feel more worried about my club more than ever. Heppell’s leadership style isn’t working. He was asked 3 times about the low tackle count and never gave a real honest answer. I don’t expect him to give away the so called ‘game plan’ but words like ‘we will’ and ‘it could be…’ don’t fill me with hope. Ally that with the hard reviewing that apparently is happening but yet no improvement in defensive intent or anything resembling a game plan week to week tells me accountability at the club is not high. Wouldn’t name the leaders (err…Merrett and McGrath are your vice captains mate…what are they doing to help you?) or what they’re doing to drive standards. I’m going to stop before I have an aneurism…AC Milan won though and only need a point to win Serie A so at least one of my teams is doing well!



He kept talking about when we’ve been in ■■■■ form before we “bunker down mate” and it all comes good.

You stared playing in 2011 “mate” and you haven’t come close to winning a final. You’re ■■■■■■■ delusional and a massive part of the problem.

The captaincy always should have gone to Hooker post Jobe, then to Merrett.

If we are stupid enough to give the captaincy to McGrath in the future, we’ll remain in the same hole we’re in now.


I remember playing school footy back a long time ago, and I was one of those blokes who stood back and waited for the ball to be given to me, so I could bolt down the wing and kick a goal with my raking left foot.

Our Captain was a boy named Stan Mitchell, who played 18 games with North Melbourne. He was tough, fearless and told me to go and get the ball. It had an immediate effect, and I dived in and won a possession passed it to a Teammate who kicked my raking goal.

Dyson Heppell is tough and fearless, but I have never seen or heard him tell his teammates to get in and tackle and fight. In fact, the lack of talking and encouraging during a game is obvious. Sure, someone kicks a goal and they all kiss, but reckon that is a bit late.

Radio interview last week I think: Zach Merrett: ABC Radio - May 8, 2022 - Dons on Radio - Omny.fm

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In other words, the game plan (i.e. method) is a problem. Heppell looked very frustrated like the players are busting a gut to implement the game plan, it doesn’t work, then they go back to busting a gut to make it work and it still doesn’t work, so they try harder again…

It’s like that definition of insanity borrowed, I think, from Einstein: “…doing the same thing over and over whilst expecting a different outcome…”.


1 point away.

THEOOOOOOO :heart_eyes:

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I agree. It’s a ■■■■ sandwich. I think he cares big time. He has his own philosophy on leadership, and I’m fine with that. Is he the leader we need right now? Maybe not, but who else do we have.

The club rolled the poor bastard out to take the heat. They haven’t been up front with supporters about where we’re at. At the end of the day hopefully we continue to improve and retain important younger players such as Perkins. It feels to me like the coach has lost the players, and it may just be a reflection of the coach. Logically that would be why the ‘gameplan’ looks so ■■■■■■■ bad to us.

I guess it depends on what the player collective really think of Shiel. Obviously Redman has no respect for him.

What a goal! For comparison AC Milan captain is younger than Heppell; a team whose total wage bill is smaller than Inter, Juve and Napoli but team spirit, belief in their coaches and the philosophy of the club. On the cusp of winning the league. Chalk and ■■■■■■■ cheese


my favourite part was when he said he’s seen it turn quickly at essendon, talking about the ups and downs

turn to what? mate, youve never won a final your whole career

we have been sh*t your entire career - there has been exactly 0 ups your whole career. you think a up is beating a team interstate


Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. He’s been shithouse this year. Wasn’t great last year either. He’s not a leader, and has trended downwards since his first couple of years. Our useless player development has probably not helped things but we spunked that #1 pick, no question.

There’s going to be casualties from what desperately needs to happen to this list. If he’s one, so be it… just get a farking list manager who has an idea about what to do with the resultant picks.


My takeaway

  • the gameplan is ■■■■■■ even he can’t explain it

  • they have little to no respect for Shiel, some probably thought he deserved it from Parker


Settle down I’d take a win over the filth on ANZAC day and you tip beer over your head with a win against the eagles.


Tonight’s interview will not age well over the next fortnight, Hep just put his neck on the chopping block.


imagine if we’re ever any good

probably be too frail to lift the beer ffs