#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I think the injuries might cost Green the b&f this year


Still a long way to go for others to redeem themselves, though.
Bring Clarke in ffs


I’m still not confident the right players will be dropped.

I can see a token Mutch/Laverde sort of omission


Stewart, McKenna would be top 5 for sure


Leave aside the deplorable game plan, the bad game day coaching, the ■■■■ poor execution of skills.

Focus on the pea hearted way our team allowed themselves to be bullied by Carlton yesterday, how they rarely stand up for each other, and in quite a few instances even senior players are avoiding the contest, even running away from it.

Who excised the soul of our club?. Where is it? The leadership group itself ought to be the wellspring of heart and soul, effort and ready to place their body on the line by meeting force with force.

We play on Anzac Day every year, and it seems we learn nothing. How to lead, how to stand up for your brothers in arms. We are supposed to be a team. We need a big clean out, but there are not enough players in the VFL team to replace the ones that need to be dropped.


I’ve no problem with legitimate, informed criticism. It’s in short supply around here. It’s not our players who are ‘pea hearted’. It’s the so called supporters that drop off at the very first sign of trouble.


Supporters can only take so much

And yes a lot of our players are pea hearted. If you don’t like it don’t go on blitz


I don’t disagree re the pea hearted players. Some could try harder though.

However, given the last 15 years and the whole saga fiasco, our criticism of the club is not something that is the result of the first time of trouble. Seriously, we have supported them through a lot.


Yep we have. And so we should. They’re doing it tough at the moment, I have no idea why. Now, more that never, every Essendon player that pulls on the jumper has my support every game.



They’re doing it tough? Good money, great facilities,getting pampered, playing the game they love…poor sods


Look it takes guts to play footy. The players are physically courageous no doubt.

I think one of the prime directives that have been hammered into them, is don’t do anything that might get you suspended. Another prime directive is don’t be drawn into fighting. Concentrate on the game.

So yesterday in a number of cases they allowed a single player to be swarmed by up to 6 or more Carlton players, with none of our players supporting them.

But this is not what a real team does. This is encouragement of traits that emphasise playing for yourself and not the team.

In the words of Sheeds. “Don’t EVER let any player or club DOMINATE you,”

“At a ball up or at a stoppage, in the air on the ground, don’t ever let any player or club dominate you."


LOL you really think this is the first sign of trouble?


You are ■■■■■■■ kidding me. That was a set piece from a tv broadcast of the giants first game. Had about as much inspiration as a slap in the face with a wet fish.


Bags had 5 or 6 players surrounding him at half time and I didn’t see a single player even walk over.

Our team ethos is non existent at the moment


Lol no I don’t… was just a saying, and perhaps the wrong one.


So Darli, do you agree with those words or not? Remember we are talking about how to play footy and win. Think the 2000 team.


Can we make McKernan captain for the rest of the year. :thinking:


Sheedy was right though. You should never let anyone dominate you physically or mentally


Of course that’s the ideal. But it never works that way. Teams dominate, players dominate, often for parts of games, sometimes for whole games, rarely for whole seasons.

The 2000 season will never be repeated in footy again. We need to move.