#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Also read from a few of them that the Jackets fist pump was “faked” and “forced” :upside_down_face:


Danger was talking the other day about being drafted by Adelaide and told them he’d stay in Melbourne to complete his schooling. It didn’t stop them from playing him later in the year which he explains was pretty weird given he hadn’t trained with the boys all season. Hard to see Mossie get a game with year 12 on the horizon but it would be super exciting if he did. Seems to be Essendon’s mantra lately … bringing back the fun, joy and excitement into footy. And I’m rapt they are


Despite the evidence in the video where Irving’s guardian confirms Essendon’s intention to bid when he says “So they weren’t full of crap” . Hawk fans are special.


The reality of the situation is that Hawthorn couldn’t afford Wingard but went after him anyway. In doing so they traded out one of their best young players (Burton) which left a huge hole in an already thin backline. They HAD to draft Koschitzke to fill the gap and in doing so missed out on young Mosquito. Their fans are furious about it. Wingard, who i rate very highly, better hit his all Australian form next year or they’ve totally shitt the bed this trade/draft period.

They’ve gambled:

Pick 15 in this years draft that could have been used on an amazing young player, pick 35, Ryan Burton & Irving Mosquito for:

Chad Wingard & a future 3rd round pick.

Am i missing something or does that look like the worst trade/draft deal in history?


I didn’t think it was possible with a pick in the 30’s but I’m genuinely excited by this young fella. Can’t wait to follow his progress.


Moz WILL play round 1 and YOU WILL LIKE IT




Would be awesome if Tippa, Long, and Mozza tear it up for the dreamtime match.


No, we can add to our NGA any player who is either indigenous or born in another country that is either from Tiwi islands, West Arnhem and the zone the Calder Cannons draw from (Hume, Moonee Valley, Moreland, Mitchell and Macedon Range)

Chris Johnson’s son is Indigenous and plays for Calder


WE would just love seeing Moz run out in the red and black!!!


Given his role, small forward I think its possible to play and not effect his school too much at same time.
Wonder if we would let him play school footy like we did for fletcher.
You would obviously monitor him, and offer rests, etc.
Thursday night matches might be tough day before school etc, And interstate trips. So maybe he rests those games.

FYI Cyril Rioli played the most matches in a season, in his first season at the Hawks 25.


Anyone that thinks Irving is going to coast through next year, obviously hasn’t seen his interview when he said “I want to play round 1, And I want to win a premiership.”

I don’t think this kid is going be satisfied playing in the suburbs.


I agree with you, but I think you may have inadvertently added pick #35 and Mozzie together.


Josh Battle completed his yr 12 on St Ki;lda’s list and played at least 1 game from memory. He is a kpp, so would have been a more remote chance to play than Mosquito.


Fk school


Is Lachlan Johnson any good and do you have any inkling of who his preference is at this stage?


l wonder if you will change your moniker to “westmozziebomber”?
Even if for only one week, when Irving debuts perhaps.


I have him as a late prospect at this stage, small and not overly quick or doesn’t look quick. Tough and composed though and looks a natural footballer, has played mostly forward but might play more through the middle next year.


But they could have used 35 and just matched Mozzie with later picks right?


Yeah, but they either lost #35 - or Mozzie - or the difference between - not both :slight_smile: