#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Dems fighting words… put your Dukes up!


Listening to Jackets being interviewed, he mentions that Mozzie is a very good 400m runner.

I like that, it takes a lot of mental toughness to run a decent 400m, with the last 100m usually nothing but pain to be competitive.


Wasn’t mcgrath a 400m hurdler as well as the 100m?


Yes that is right too. McGrath definitely has the grit.


Mcgraths 100m style, going off that one video that did the rounds, perfectly shows what kind of athlete he is. Slow start out of the blocks, then he just keeps building momentum chasing the guy in front of him until he catches him in the last 10 with nothing but determination.




It’ll likely be in cal twomeys twitter history, video may be dead though.


Just don’t Burns any Bridges, you’ll run Fowler with the group. A real Hasselbaink, which may have the Woodgate shut in your face. You may never come Bakke from that.


Yep, I’m done.


When playing Texas Hold em we used to call a hand of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 a Viduka. Absolutely no FarKeane idea why. Cantona explain that one.


We used to call it a kangaroo straight.


Unless they were cards of the same suit, I just called 'em crap.


Been a day since a comment. Must keep the hype ALIVE!


Been a day since a comment. Must keep the buzz ALIVE!





Are there more highlights than the one on the club site?


and my wife too!!


Sounds arrogant!


That’s a big assumption. He may communicate from I am or I did but I don’t know how you can up with your conclusion he’s arrogant.


It’s a joke mate