#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


I know what your point is. There is no situation where Irving Mosquito supports your point at all. It is a ■■■■ example, it doesn’t support your point at all. Kinda like when people try to use Francis as an example of the same point.


Agree, we are being conservative with Moz, and I kind of get why (his program due to school means he’s not getting the loads other guys are) but he’s further along than the narrative suggests.

Marty Gleeson was saying on the Con Air pod that he thinks he could play seniors this year.

As for Stack, Sheedy absolutely would have been first in line to give that kid a chance. Where do you think Dimma gets the idea from with Dan Rioli and now Stack


Every club passing on a guy 4-5 times says it’s more than just a few missed sessions.


Nah I’m annoyed Sal


Yeh but that hit on O’Meara was one of my highlights for the year.


got sighted for it.


Thing is, … that was just a fkn Fairy tap compared to what he could deliver.

He had almost pulled up to a stop. O’Meara went down like he was made of glass. If he’d hit him at full tilt, Jaeger would likely still be Hospitalised.


That was a brilliant- and fair- bump.
Should never have gotten a fine for that!


Looked on the face of it to be completely fine, but some minimal contact was made to head so it had to be fined.


That was their justification, yes.


Benfti would you rather we debut Mozzie next week maybe a bit early.
but he would add spark to the team.
And he is the future. Baguley isnt.
He could kick a bag this week against franston

Or Hold off until Anzac Day, that gives him a month of VFL footy, more training, etc.


Oh I totally think Mozzie is developing to take Bags spot. I just want him to be ready for the physicality of AFL football so when he does come in he can impact games with the ball as much as he would with his effervescence.

How he goes this week will tell a story, consistency is what he needs to work on so a strong follow up to last week will be a good start.


Every club passed on Gorn 4 times, what’s your point?


Do you mean Gawn?

First pick of the 3rd round


Should’ve tackled.


I’ve only seen one game live, so I’ll choose my words carefully.

You can teach taking the half second to balance up and not try to kick the ball too hard when not needed.

What you can’t teach is the one touch ability with bobbling ground balls, the acceleration to full speed and scything through congestion. Holy cow.

He has some work to do in areas, absolutely, but on raw talent there’s a hell of a lot to work with. Also seemed to understand his place in the zone setup and has excellent closing speed. He’s “suddenly” at the contest. He’s goinng to have multi-goal games regularly this season imo. It’ll be fun if he’s isolated one out inside 50 and the ball is on the deck…

Will legit bring extra Don’s fans to VFL games.


He played higher up the ground yesterday as compared to last week.

Within goal range he is site to behold.


I hear disposal by foot has become an issue. Only one pre-season and already we’ve successfully indoctrinated him into the Essendon way. Who said our player development is no good?

Once he starts missing stationary targets by 20 metres I’ll know his learnings are truly complete.


After seeing the VFL highlights I can see why the Hawks didn’t match our bid. One thing that all Hawks players must have is elite kicking skills.

I know this was one game, but the two kicks I saw made me cringe.


Well hopefully our recruitment team put more work into him than a highlights vid.

His highlights from the Sandy game were very exciting.