#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


His kicking been exceptional at training apparently

First official VFL game. Perhaps just a little nervous the lad. Rushing disposal. It happens.


Mossie kicked 2 goals last week against a much better team, in fact an AFL affiliate team.
There was not much wrong with his kicking in that game tbh.

So its enough to say there is doubt, not that he is a write off that Clarko ■■■■ canned.


I’ve seen film of about 20 of his junior games from the last year and a half, and I reckon I only saw one scrubber out of all of them.

The weekend was an aberration


Yes the 2 or 3 bad ones on the weekend were about the only bad ones I can recall from him all pre season. I don’t think his disposal either by hand or foot will be a problem, on the contrary it’s probably a strength


I reckon Gunston would have blown Francis’s lungs apart. We’ll never know.


That’s not an analysis, it’s a speculative opinion.


On the flipside, his acceleration and weaving through the opposition on the weekend was far better than in his post draft video I watched on the club website.


You want to know the thing, and I said this to one of my power mates, I reckon in juniors he only would move laterally as much as he needed to to beat opponents that level, and that he had sharper movement in him. Seems that’s the case.


Is it just me, looks like he’s put on a bit of size since he’s arrived. Hope he can have a few games late in the year.


He looked solid already. That being said, I’m more on the twig end of the scale than a Donnington specimen, so everyone looks solid to me.


He’s a little rough around the edges and with him completing year 12 this year he probably doesn’t iron them out quickly enough to command a senior spot in the next 12 - 18 months.

But make no mistake. This boy has ‘IT’.

At the VFL yesterday he did four of five things that screamed AFL player. Intercepting while on the mark, taking on opponents with his leg speed, shimmying through and around traffic, picking the ball up at top speed. He’s got some serious tricks. But beyond all that, he’s got a really defensive intent about him.

He displays, without the development physically or game sense wise, the attributes that I loved watching on Cyril.

Cyril had an amazing balance of offensive firepower and defensive capability. I think - granted off limited viewing - that our Mossie has a similar makeup. Whether he can get near Cyril’s level is another story. But I’m fairly confident we’ll enjoy watching Mossie for quite a while.

Additionally - he is genuinely rapid. Watching him move through the gears and just surge away reveals a highly powerful genetic makeup. I’m fairly confident in saying he’s going to be a really explosive and powerful athlete within a couple of years.


He is gonna need to stop passing the ball off, nothing worse than an unselfish small forward. :slight_smile:

The key to his development will be applying the defensive pressure at all times. That requires both a good tank and a desire to hunt down his opponents.


And Connellan might be faster than him… in a straight line once up to speed, at least.


I’d almost play him anyway, drop Baguley, and bring in the excitement machine


David Myers is already in the team.


bet you’ve never seen a man get most improved 2 seasons in a row?


Dont be silly, its Zaharakis’ turn this year


where you at the game ?
it was hard to pick up on the stream so i’m moreso curious about how he set up defensively and if that was on par. and would have have the fitness base to do it at afl level this year.

If he can set up right and is willing to work hard defensively you’d almost have to bring him in at some point and just see how or if it could work having tippa, raz and him down there.


Seemed to spend a lot of time on the bench. I suspect, and I could be wrong, that he needs to do some work to enable him to reach AFL fitness.

So I’d have thought 12 mths of conditioning and he’d be getting close.

Kicked an absolute ripper goal and agree with others that his movement patterns look very exciting.

I think we are being impatient (just caught last 80 posts) because he was our top pick. But realistically he was a late 30’s project pick. We won’t get a full picture of him for a while yet.

I am excited though.


He did spend a lot of time on the bench, most of anyone I would say.

Seems to have great topline speed but what made him seem fast is he appears to have that ability to shimmy around someone with a tilt of the shoulders rather than needing to see candy.

He will make plenty of people look silly over the next decade.

Dean Rioli was great at sending a defender in the wrong direction with minimal effort / movement. Mozzie is very similar.