#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Give the boy 12 months and then you will say wow


If Sheedy was coach
Think he would give Mozzie a Debut in the anzac day match.


Bring back the Super Sub just for Mozzie!!


I was at the game - he spent a fair amount of time on the bench. Having said that, he was still manic with his defensive pressure late in the last quarter.

He’s got that Cyrilesque attitude where inside forward 50 he hunts all the ball carriers and follows the ball until its really cleared his area. Several turnovers against North were a direct result of his pressure inside forward 50. And they were often after a chain of handballs that he’d kept after.

At this point he’s a real burst athlete - always goes at high intensity so needs to recharge on the sidelines often. Think Gary Ablett Jnr when he first started as a forward - could repeat sprint for short stints and didn’t look like becoming a midfielder because he needed so much recovery time.

I reckon between 12-18 months and he’s forced his way in as a defensive forward. From there, if he can keep building his tank he’ll be able to push up and impact more play up the field. I think his development will follow a similar path to that of Cyril’s, albeit not starting at the level Cyril did in ‘08.

One other thing that really stood out was the way he makes others look silly. He’s doesn’t provide an overt baulk or big candy sell. He just has that low to the ground crouched shimmy, where he drops a shoulder or swerves his hips and then powers off in the other direction. He just contorts his way through traffic and leaves opponents in his wake. It’s quite mesmerising to see live!


When Sheedy was coach you could have a bench player that didn’t take the field till the second half.

Sheedy was behind the times when he finished with us. Goodness knows how far he’d be behind now.


He is completing year 12, heard a whisper that is his focus this year.


It’s not really a whisper when it’s been publicly stated.


I hadn’t read it, I was told that.



I hope we get his hamstrings and running stride in check better than the Hawks did with Rioli. I remember Usain Bolts coach talking about him and in his early days he had raw power and pace but unless they fixed his running he would rip his body apart trying to break records. Clearly they got him right. Hopefully Mozzie is already good, but if not we correct him to ensure his longevity.


Get Bolts coach.


I think the Cyril comparisons have jumped the shark now.


I did hear that Cyril has said that he is very excited by Mozzie and thinks he could be an even better player than he was .


Or maybe I dreamt that .


Why are people talking about the third best Rioli in the Mosquito thread?


Sheedy? He is behind!


Blitz thinks every indigenous player COULD be the next (fill with random indigenous champion).

It’s funny how it’s always someone indigenous as well. You’d never hear someone say Mozzie is the next Darren Bewick.

It’s a bit fkn weird.


The way they move is almost exactly the same. The comparison is spot on.


It is weird, I agree, and often think that.
However - watching Mozzie run does give you (me) that feeling. Maybe it is skin-colour, I don’t know. But he has that carefree loose way of bouncing through a crowd of players that looks very similar.


I think Mozzie could be the next David Grenvold. I mean the next David Grenvold after Redman.