#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Players often model their game on their favourite players, who for indigenous kids are more often than not indigenous players. It’s not that strange.

We keep hearing Shiel be compared to Judd, because Judd was his hero and Shiel aspired to play that way.

Just my 2 cents.


Maybe. May be a few reasons, actually, none of them ‘wrong’.
When I first saw Langford, I thought ‘Caracella’. I think the reason was, that he has a similar legs/torso ratio and therefore ran a bit like him. Now, I can’t see it at all. However, if your theory above comes true, we’ll have a little Fyfey :slight_smile:


Haha, of course sometimes ambitions might exceed ability.




No prior opportunity. Play On!!


He is plenty big enough to play AFL imo, he’ll get stronger, but like Cyril he’ll always be wiry.

It is his endurance that he and the club will need to need to seriously focus on over his first few preseasons, hopefully they already have him doing some extras away from the club. Once he has the tank to apply those high intensity repeat efforts over a full game, which he seems more than willing to do, then he’ll be AFL ready. It’ll also help him maintaining a higher level of skill execution throughout games.

I wouldn’t mind if the club had him playing off a HBF for a bit this season, similar to what we did with both Fantasia and Walla early days.


“Holding the man, free kick Collingwood”


The only way that photo could be better, is if Mozzie had his big carefree smile on display.


Interesting fact.

A wombat has a top speed of 40km per hour and over 100 metres a fit one could beat Usain.


I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Cyril etc, … but I can’t help but think of a more smiley Alwyn Davey.


And a flowing cape



He reminds me of Val Perovic.


Cyril filled out to be a bit more than wiry - he was pretty solid. Just short.

Not sure Mossie will get to that size.


Annoying how those mozzies fly around and hang onto you while you’re trying to play with your balls.


Is this like a Blitz fact, or one of those real facts.


True story.


Normally get your mates to watch that? :wink:


What people don’t realise is that Mozzie was carried like that for ten metres.


And it’s at walking pace.

Core strength one million.