#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Wow. Fairfax still do good reporting:


You could make an argument he got a little too big for his own good, I certainly wouldn’t want Moz to worry about “bulking up”.

Orazio does alright with a slight frame.


Almost every 18yo footballer needs to fill out a bit. Never going to be Mark Johnson but needs a couple more kgs.


I’d just like to thank Blitz for once again teaching me something.

Genuinely surprised.



Apparently, Usain Bolt pooes square shaped poo.


I am not sure however anyone has actually seen a wombat doing 40 clicks an hour over 100 metres.

I think it would make quite a humourous vídeo if caught on film.


I saw one do about 100kmph for about 100ft one night in my Car, … does that count??

I should say “heard” it doing that, … :smirk:


Speaking as an occasional wildlife rescue volunteer - if the wombat is running away from you, it’ll be gone before you can get your camera out. If it’s running towards you, you’ve got much, much bigger problems…


watching this kid in the VFL against the cats. this kid is unreal.

just kicked a goal on the run and has been a defensive machine. cant wait for him to get the call up at AFL level

EDIT: here it is


Woweee - looks like a young Cyril


Don’t forget to breathe ben.


Very exiting but still needs to learn teamwork.


Looks super exciting but one thing I noticed is that he goes to ground a lot. Hopefully he gets that out of his game once he gets fitter.


He is going to be good.


Kid is already good nah very good
Needs weight and a bigger tank.
That said I think he would be ok to play as he currently is.


Will this guy fit into our forward structure with Walla and Fanta?


Ham has a very good step through traffic. Seems to kick the ball to advantage more often than not as well.

Edit. Nothing on Mo22ie’s stepping powers though


Sure. Fanta seems to be out of the side more than he is in it these days.


From hooksy’s insta. How can you not love him, lol