#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Thats the most adorable thing ive ever seen on blitz…

even more than this:


He should get a taste of senior footy every time Fanta or Walla miss. If he impresses, he takes Bags spot.


that kids got the best smile :heart_eyes:


He was even grinning ear to ear as soon as he got the ball for that goal that he kicked on Sunday


First year recruit needs to learn teamwork. Well, yes, he would, and yes he will.


Best long sleeves since Sir James?


Im still struggling to understand why the Hawks would pass on this kid. I know he hasnt played senior footy yet. but from what weve seen in the vfl, he has all the potential in the world. Plays with intensity, puts massive pressure on opposition, tackles hard and has silky skills with ball in hand. Its such a strange decision…


They’ve got the Chad! They only look at the next year or two.


Is that Balkan cutting his hair?


With Raz out would love them to bring this kid in!


We must protect him


Ah… the old Dave Myers special right there.




How did Mozzie play yesterday?


Ok without being in the best or anything. He got only one touch I recall in the first (a handball), but as the game progressed he got a bit more of it. He does better onball at this stage than forward, despite the fact that we tend to think of him as a goal kicking crumbing forward. Mainly handballing in traffic at this stage. He committed one huge howler kick which cost a goal, but otherwise reasonably effective. His strength in close is better than you might think.
Going ok but nowhere near ready to play seniors yet.


What’s that got to do with it?



I’m asking how Mozzie played yesterday in the VFL? I didn’t see the game


Needs to put on some muscle and weight to take the knocks and rigours of playing AFL footy.

He might get a sniff this year if we have more injuries but more likely next year or 2021.


I was assuming your post was a segue to “it’s time”.

When someone carries on like that, form is totally irrelevant.

I’d be surprised if we see him in the AFL before about Round 16…if at all this year.


So would I but the talk around is not, I hope so too.