#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


I don’t think he’s ready from an endurance or consistency point of view, but he’s twice the width of Ham, size isn’t a problem


I fear he’d be totally cooked mid way through the first term if he debuted this week. I think his physique could handle some AFL footy, but I doubt his aerobic fitness can. And his form has been useful in bursts but far from overwhelming?

2020 is his go, imo.


He’d make Aaron Francis look like Steve Moneghetti if he played Dreamtime next week.


Robert DeCastella would be a better size comparison to Francis than Mona.


He receives a passing mention in this article:


I see no reason why he shouldn’t play out the rest of the year in the seniors


Except that he’s probably not physically ready.


His fitness isn’t up to required standards, he dips dramatically after half time in a lot of VFL games.


Which isn’t surprising, he’s doing year 12 and isn’t on a full program, and even our full program isn’t getting our guys fit.


Pretty much , name one senior player who is actually fit enough at present to be playing afl football…

Giv3 him a shot , cos honestly who fuclong cares anymore ???


Haha, he is probably better off not being subjected to the full Essendon Fitness (sic) program.


Stuff it!! I was of the opinion not to play him this year, but what I saw in the VFL yesterday and now with our entire forward line just about non-existent - why not! He has balance and smarts and is a good finisher.

As an aside, I cannot recall any side in any era losing as much of their forward line as this. It would have to unprecedented.


I’d also say it’s an absolute lock we pick up Pickett in the middie, even though he just had surgery on his finger


Knowing our club, I’m not holding my breath.


And we should also give serious consideration to Tippa 2




I said.



Can he play back pocket?


Yeah that makes sense, mid season draft used to replace injured players and you think it is a great idea to pick up an injured player. Real helpful to this side.


Inside word?

Would be more than happy to pick up someone injured in the mid season draft with view to 2020