#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


MarlionPickett, KossiePickett and Tippa 2.0 is my wish list currently. 2 of them we should be getting via MSD


BRING HIM IN (until we bring him in and it’s clear he’s not ready, and then it’s WTF why did you bring him in?)


He can play back, inside mid and forward, but he’s 8 weeks off coz of injury


8 week mini preseason!!


He’s out for 12 weeks would’ve been a lock


I hope he gets a run. Carlton on the G is the best side to debut against. With Simpson and Daisy out he might even be up against a kid. The best small defender will go to Tippa.
I had him set for 2020. But he is doing better than that trajectory and the club can see it.


Let’s hope he does play. Would love to see him bag a few against the blues. Then he can kick a few against the hawks who had the chance to pick him up but passed. I think mozzie is going to be our next cult hero.


If I read another person say he’s not ready, he’s too slight, he’s not fit, he is focussing on Year 12 etc etc etc I think I’ll cut off one of my ears Chopper style.

He kinda must be enough ready if he’s named in the freaking squad!!


Dustin Fletcher did alright. Very skinny 17 year old studying year 12 coming up against some of the best full forwards of all time. The time has come to play Mozzie.





Or naming him in the squad is a reward for him to show him they’re noticing he’s progressing well…but he’s not quite there yet, so he won’t make the 22.

I’d like him to play, but I’ll be very surprised if he does


He’s a good size for an 18 yo. I don’t know where this skinny myth comes from, he’s probably got 10kgs on Ham



But an average ham only weighs about 7kgs.


I am just having the fun.
I actually think VFL is a more dangerous league for kids than AFL.


Are people actually worried about these guys getting hurt? The size thing, for me, is about them not getting beaten badly around the ball. Nothing to do with their safety.


I’m guessing he’s faster than most people who will outbody him.
I dunno what the thing about not playing light players in seniors is.

As benfti mentioned, Ham is a wisp, and plenty of other…■■■ I’m boring myself.
Just watch the funny gif.


The most dangerous part of playing in the seniors would be Tom Bellchambers


Bring him in


I am, because a seriou injury in your first four years really effects a players rate of development. Being cautious about developing their body whilst in the 18-22 years bracket is paramount IMHO.